We are excited to announce the Fantasy Film Festival in Paris! An opportunity for regional and international filmmakers to let their imaginations shine. The Fantasy Film Festival team wants to meet, inspire and support the next pioneers of Science Fiction and Fantasy. The Fantasy Film Festival is the first of its genre in Paris.

The Fantasy Film Festival accepts Shorts, Features, Animations, Scripts, Works in Development, Web Series, music videos, and VR.

Our focus will be to provide live, interactive entertainment throughout the entire festival. We want people to feel like there are things to do and see at every turn.

Aside from all of the above, you will be able to forge connections with your attending peers interested in and working in Sci-Fi and Fantasy. It will be a day packed with insight, all developed so you may take your work, and ultimately your career, further!

Rules and Terms

  • We accept all films, scripts, and treatments at any length specific to this genre.
  • Proudly, there are NO restrictions on your work. This includes its premiere status, profane language or offensive imagery, its age and/or whether your work has been made available online.
  • All conceivable approaches – including experimental, narrative, and animated– are acceptable. The shorts can be shot in any film or video format, in either color or black-and-white.
  • The Fantasy Film Festival is a hybrid film festival. We have a Vimeo channel, selected movies will play as well on Vimeo during the film festival dates (not to the public and not for free).
  • English or French subtitles are a must for the selections.
  • If the movie is selected, the filmmaker should provide a french subtitled movie.
  • If the movie is a “nominee”, this does not mean that the movie is selected. This means that your movie was chosen for the next round.
  • No refunds are applicable.
About Us

With 10+ Years of experience in the field, we focus on organizing the best film festivals.

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Anthony von Seck

Cool fest. Very friendly and fun!

Linda Shayneg

Wonderful folks who ran the festival in France. Honored to have my animated short included. Hopefully next year the festival will be in person.

Lallan Samaroo

We are very pleased that our film FRUITVILLE has been included in this fine festival. The organizers have done an excellent job. Worth it!

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