FFF 2024

Fantasy Film Festival Program 2024
June 7th, 8th, and 9th at Club de l’Etoile

Winners 2024 Edition:

Best Drama
Je n’aime plus ma voiture

Best Horror
Special Mention: Signal

Best Sci-Fi
Man in the Mountain
Dark Cell

Best Fantasy
100000 Morts oubliés

Best Erotic
Our Love

A Tree Once Grew Here
Special Mention: On-OFF
The Whale’s Shepherd

Best Director

Best Editing

Best Sound

Best Screenplay
Dark Cell

Best New Media
No Roots

Best Actress
Meredith Vacuyk in Woman in the Maze

Best Actor
Jean-Michel Vovk in Beyond the Sea
Jay Disney in Man in the Mountain

Best Cinematography

Best Film
Beyond the Sea

Jury Prize

Best Feature
Ultra Red

Best Sound (Feature)
The Return

Best Script

A Night of Misfit Film Award
The Promise

Best Documentary
Genius in Disguise


FRIDAY JUNE 7th 2024

Friday Block 1:
4:30 PM – 7:30 PM – Feature Fiction, Short Short
Beyond The Sea by Hippolyte Leibovici
The Return by Bangbang Hua
Frame by JP Charlebois, MYRAI

Friday Block 2: 
7:00 PM
Opening Ceremony, followed by the screening of Cultes by David Padilla, Incarnatio by Aurélien Achache, and Woman In The Maze by Mitesh Patel with the presence of the cast and crew.

Friday Block 3: 
9:30 PM
12 Film by Boudi Sfeir (In collaboration with Cin-Beirut)


Saturday Block 1 – Short Fiction, Short Experimental (Mature Content)
11:30 AM – 1:00 PM
Red by Yichi Zhang
If the sharks could talk by Mathieu Gauvreau
Hungry by Sosucks
Face to Face by Quentin Berbey
Draught by Weston Terray
Breakfast at the Theater by Nina Laakko
The Wise Old Owl by Quentin Porte

Saturday Block 2 – Short Fiction, Short Experimental
1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
The Faun of Healwood, the Edge by Stephane Artus
The She-E by Daria Arzhevikina
A Hell of a Trip to Delicias by Darwin Reina
Soul of Steel by Alexandre Bilardo
Acharnement by Orestis PICARD
EMBRACE by Axel Zeltser

Saturday Block 3 – Short Fiction, Animation
3:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Hangerwind by Veerti Saastamoinen Ilmari
The Whales’ Shepherd by Alex Celis
S’ève by Robin Reguron
Little Candy Girl by Una Smoole
Ada by Anaïs VACHEZ
DARK CELL by Jean-Michel Tari

Saturday Block 4 – Feature Fiction, Short Documentary
5:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Spirit Traveler: Looking into the Past for a Better Future by Sonja Grace
Fortis Femina by Mitesh Patel

Saturday Block 5 – Feature Fiction
7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Le puits by Anna Saad
Ultimate Chabite by Julien Ivanowich

Saturday Block 6 – Panel Discussion, Networking Event
9:00 PM – 11:30 PM
Panel Discussion with the Jury Members about the Film Industry
Networking Event

SUNDAY JUNE 9th 2024

SUNDAY Block 1 – Feature Fiction, Fiction Short Fiction
1:00 PM – 2:30 PM
Sleepwalker’s quest by Vyacheslav Mokin
Macumba: A Family Folklore by Aline Andrade
Signal by Jérôme Pierrat
Vincent by Alan King
Echo by Jo Southwell
Maria José Maria by Chico Noras

SUNDAY Block 2 – Short Fiction, Short Experimental
2:30 PM – 4:00 PM
The Promise by Alberto Amieva Leyva
OUR LOVE by François NOLLA
Venus by Mickaël Dusa, Jolan Nihilo
Seductive Devotion by Destin Gerek
Chances de Rob Heschl

SUNDAY Block 3 – Short Fiction, Short Experimental
4:00 PM – 6:00 PM
EKO by Hana Smadja et Benoît Christ
Coeur Brillant by Tarek Lakhrissi
Edouard by F. Manga
100 000 morts oubliés by Pierre Lambell
Mien by Zachary Karem
Homesick by Shu SHANG

SUNDAY Block 4 – Short Fiction, Feature Fiction
6:00 PM – 8:30 PM
Man in the Mountain by Dennis Trombly
Ultra Red by Michael Fredianelli
Je n’aime plus ma voiture by Pamela Saade

SUNDAY Block 5
8:30 PM – 9:30 PM
Award Show

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Selected Films and Scripts 2024

Project TitleProject Title (Original Language)SynopsisSynopsis (Original Language)Project Type
On / Off
Endless distractions threaten to destroy creativity.
Where the Wind Blows (Pilot Episode – Time Travel)
Where The Wind Blows by Deborah M. Hodgetts  Format 10 x 30 – 30-minute episodes.
Premise When five friends discover an ancient book and crystal, all their lives change forever as they travel through time to find the answers they seek. One by one, each of them discovers who they are truly meant to be. What will they lose in the process, and who will they become?

Television Script, Treatment
Soul of SteelL’Âme de l’AcierA successful young man finds by chance a handgun left in the street. He chooses to keep it. He soon falls under the weapon’s attraction and quickly realizes that the gun literally sticks to his hand, appearing against his will at the most surprising moments. Terrified, he seeks the help of a private detective, unaware that his action has already started an unstoppable and deadly countdown…Un jeune homme, à qui tout semble réussir, trouve par hasard une arme à feu en pleine rue. Il choisit de la garder. Rapidement, l’homme va tomber sous son influence et se rendre compte que l’arme s’attache littéralement à sa main, apparaissant contre son gré dans les moments les plus surprenants. Terrifié, il va chercher l’aide d’un détective privé, sans savoir qu’il est trop tard pour arrêter le compte-à-rebours meurtrier que son geste a déclenché.Short
Fae /fā/ : Supernatural powered beings that exist in various realms that sometimes interact with humans aka Faeries.
In an alternate reality in Oakland, Ca there is a secret community of powered Fae (Faeries) hidden from humans… some considered too dangerous to exist even by their own kind. That group had found solace, safety, and acceptance by protecting each other, but grief and political manipulations within the community are jeopardizing it all.
After the passing of one of their chosen family’s matriarchs, Natalie, a Queer Hybrid Fae, her wild-child Trans sister, Naomi, and their mostly functional chosen family are holding themselves together by a very thin thread as they navigate their business and maintaining deliveries of magickal cannabis and Fae tools that only they can create to the Fae Clans that make up “The Circle”. 
These deliveries fulfill the treaties that keep rivals and interlopers at bay, but the remaining matriarch, Mama Maybelle has been riddled with grief and missing deadlines making the whole community vulnerable. The leader of the Constantus Clan has decided to make a play to take all the gifts and power of The Nursery Fae for himself, and a missed delivery gives him just the opening he needs. 
In the midst of Natalie desperately working to salvage their protection, everyone is shocked when Casey, Mama Maybelle’s estranged niece arrives with an enchanted mystery parchment, news of her mother’s passing, and absolutely no knowledge that she and her family are Fae. 

Television Script
The Third Bedroom
On a gloomy winter trip to help her father prepare their ancestral beach house for sale, little Isla illuminates some of the darkness that haunts the family tree.
A vagabond father and daughter duo who often find work as stringers must travel to New Mexico to investigate and record unusual atmospheric events. Each is faced with the developing circumstances of an extraterrestrial event that could divide them forever.
The Red Zone
A superhuman running back in the American Football League plays the game of his life when he finds out he is part of a cloning experiment conducted by a rogue nation with ulterior motives.
Sight Specific
A woman attending a theatre performance that takes place in an old house begins to realize that she is seeing people on stage that no one else see — a young maid being terrorized by a cruel master, ghosts from the house’s past.
Short Script
‘Out of horror, belief.’
A horrific animal experiment carried out by the military at a solar energy plant in the southern deserts of North America sets off a series of strange, ominous events.
A mysterious ‘other’ sun appears in rearview mirrors of plant employees’ cars as they drive away. A new star appears in the night sky, next to the Evening Star, and inexplicable data are recorded on energy plant monitors, alongside baffling seizures in machinery.
A Native American chief (and Catholic priest), César, sees visions of a malevolence that will walk the Earth, and is unable to prevent the ‘accidental’ death of his daughter, Solecita.
In the forest, Iris (wife of energy plant manager, Ramón) meets a ghostly Red Indian lover who appears to her through ethereal light.
At the family’s extensive, light filled, forest home, an enigmatic guest, Isaac (whose actions are watched closely by a haunted clock), attempts to seduce Ramón’s and Iris’ daughter, María, in whose innocence the clock and the Red Indian ghost also seem interested.
Those involved in the animal experiment are visited upon in horrific, sun-themed ways as vivid events unfold, both at the family home and at the solar energy plant.
The clock stops time, the mirrors in the house define their own world and the forest fills with silky light. 
A spectacular act of self-sacrifice (or veiled Christian miracle) will result in the salvation of one, and precipitate the physical arrival, fleetingly, of a restored and unvanquished Native god.
Sacred Sun is a symbolic narrative on the subject of America and the rift that sits at the base of her psyche, impasse between Christian belief and Native vision-dream.

The ultimate Bet
Wealthy man is bored with life, and even gambling doesn’t give him an adrenaline rush. He plays poker with the devil for his soul.
Chateau de Tarot
Meteorite transform a teen into something more in a quest to save the French Queen and determine the new king of France..
Why did you punish yourself again, Oedipus?
A young artist is writing on blank pages, he will be asked to create a mask, to mute and blind himself, he will show us the image of his fantasy. It will be a painting by Marc Chagall. 
A contemporary conceptualization of the Sophoclean tragedy Oedipus Rex.

Experimental, Short
Pigasus: The Lost Paradise – Battle for Evermore
Pigasus is a coming of age adventure story about a unique little pig prophesied to confront the evil Rathvar in the great battle for evermore. But, Pigasus must first find the faith to believe in the loving light of the Presence or the blackness of the darkness will forever rule over what was once Elysium. A heart-warming story of faith, hope, love & family set in the valley, at the base of the ancient volcano Shasta, home of the Bennett family. It’s said the mighty Pegasus, magical Unicorn & beautiful Unisus, will upon the rise of the full Blue Moon return to Shasta valley, once their home. Pigasus is about knowing your faults, facing your fears, rising above it all to realize our true power is faith, hope, love, family, forgiveness and learning to live in the loving light that is the wondrous Presence of God.

The SmithКовачът“The Smith” is a non-verbal short film based on the Brothers Grimm. The narrative peeks into a world invisible to the human eye. A skilled smith is tempted to sell his soul by the forces of evil in exchange for endless wealth. The bargain states that the devil will come to him in three years, hoping that by then the smith will have become completely drunk and will no longer have any strength to fight him. But alas!„Ковачът“ е невербален филм по мотиви на Братя Грим, където разказът надниква в света на невидимите с човешко око светове. В него един много способен ковач е изкушен от силите на злото да продаде душата си, в замяна на което ще получи безкрайно богатство. Сделката гласи, че дяволът ще дойде при него след три години, с надеждата, че тогава ковачът ще се е пропил напълно и вече няма да има никакви сили да се бори с него. Но уви!Experimental
A short experimental horror film. Is it real, is it a dream, is it out there or inside?
Experimental, Short
If the sharks could talkSi les requins pouvaient parlerAriane manages a small natural museum when she is surprised by the ghost of a fisherman. When the rumor of his presence gets around, visitors are now flocking to see him.Ariane s’occupe du musée de la nature de Sainte-Rose-Du-Nord lorsqu’elle est surprise par le petit fantôme d’un pêcheur. Alors que la rumeur du fantôme circule, les visiteurs affluent maintenant au musée.Short
The Last Witch Bride
Edward is a wealthy and careless British bachelor.  He is a denizen of the nightlife, and is most often found chasing younger women in the clubs of London.  We soon discover that he is the prince of a diminishing race of wizards and witches that live secretly among the “common people.”   The well-being (health, power and longevity) of this magical race is dependent on a substance discovered long ago in Great Britain.  They call this substance “Blood of the Earth,” and, among other things, it slows their aging process and allows them to live 800-900 years. Now this magical race is in crisis: it is on the verge of extinction as most of its witches were killed during the medieval witch hunts.  Near the end of the 17th Century, the last witch, Margaret was spirited away from England by her father, Lord Williams.  She was yet a child and he hoped to save her from the relentless witch hunts. A council of the magical race is summoned to address their dire situation.  Edward’s cousin Charles is sent to escort Edward to the council, which consists of Edward’s father the King, Charles’ father, Lord Rivers and a number of other noblemen.  The council reaches a decision to send Edward, as prince of his people, in search of Margaret – she is their last hope, and will become their “new Eve.”  The King announces that upon finding her Edward is to be married with her and become the new king. Edward is reticent about leaving home, hearth and his “playboy” lifestyle to become king, but eventually succumbs to his father’s authority and command.  He eventually finds his way to the U.S. in his search for the missing Margaret. Edward visits a restaurant upon his arrival in a large U.S. city.  His waitress, Rose is newly on the job.  Her life is tough, but she is an optimistic soul.  Edward, unfortunately, creates an uproar in the restaurant, which results in Rose’s dismissal from yet another job. In the aftermath of the ruckus at the restaurant, Edward notices a magical glow in the sky; indicating to him that Lord Williams and Margaret are in the vicinity.  It also shows some indication that one or both of them may be in danger or seriously injured.  As Rose in unencumbered by employment (thanks to Edward) Edward invites her to go to work for him to aid him in his quest. In the ensuing scenes, Rose and Edward commence on a variety of search activities that are at once chaotic, interesting and comical.  Despite Edward’s gifts in casting spells and controlling minds and memories, their efforts yield no trace of Lord Williams or Margaret. During their work together, Edward learns that Rose is an orphan and nearly alone in the world.  She has but one friend: an elderly man, Anthony, who is very ill.  Edward is struck by how hard life can be for common people, and a change or growth is born in him and begins to develop. Anthony is a bit peculiar, and has fallen out of communication with his children and grandchildren.  He seems indifferent (at best) towards Edward, though we suspect he is a little jealous of him as Rose’s new found friend.  Edward is, in fact, falling for Rose (and she with him – not lost on Anthony), though he realizes it is his duty to save his race by finding and marrying the long-lost Margaret. Lord Rivers comes to the U.S. after an attempt on Edward’s life.  He informs Edward that he suspects there is a conspiracy afoot to prevent Edward from finding Margaret and becoming king – perhaps Charles is keen on becoming king himself. Anthony informs Rose that he is failing fast.  She and Edward race to his apartment, where they are confronted outside by his daughter, Camilla, who informs them that she is not really his daughter – she is his long-time housekeeper.  Edward again observes the magical glow in the sky, and realizes that Anthony is actually Lord Williams and indeed dangerously near death.  Further, Rose is actually his daughter.  Lord Williams has been giving blood of the earth meant for both of them to Rose (Margaret) exclusively, which has resulted in his rapid aging and decline, and Margaret’s youth and vitality.  Additionally, Lord Williams has changed Margaret’s memories on a number of occasions so that she would not be aware that she has lived so long. Edward and Margaret rush to Lord Williams to find him asleep in his armchair.  When they finally rouse him, Lord Rivers suddenly arrives at the apartment; destroying the door with a spell and taking their wands away in the confusion that follows the blast. Rivers tells them that long ago, and after many experiments, he was able to create a modified blood of the earth that has made him nearly immortal.  Because of this new power, he had helped witch hunters find and kill all the witches.  He knew that after that he had only to wait for the eventual and sure deaths of the wizards; after which he could become an eternal ruler on earth. Lord Williams had suspected long ago that there was a traitor in their ranks – thus his disappearance with Margaret.  Rivers wonders at the sacrifice of wealth and position made by Williams – just to save his daughter.  Rivers than turns on Margaret, and berates her for living such a simple life among common people – she could have been a great witch, but instead she had been a failure; even among these “silly common people.” Rivers prepares to kill the three of them, when Edward rushes Rivers in an attempt to physically overpower him.  During the scuffle, Margaret grabs a wand, and, despite any real, practical knowledge and understanding of her own power, plumbs the depth of her feelings, the struggles of her mortal life and her love for her father and Edward.  She casts a very powerful spell as a result that vanquishes, finally, Lord Rivers. Margaret and Edward return to the U.K., where they marry.  Lord Williams, after being treated with the modified blood of the earth, recovers, and begins to feel himself again.  And, of course, Edward and Margaret become the new king and queen of the “magical race.”
Marlowe By Mark Mc Quown Synopsis Marlowe is a very ordinary field mouse who wakes up one morning in a Virginia farm burrow, sticks his head out and decides he is tired of being alone.  He collects his precious possessions and sets out across the field for the house and ends up under the old dwelling in the dirt and darkness surrounded by spiders he sees as monsters and other rats and mice.
Marlowe jumps up onto a subfloor and finds a way into the house through a hole in the floor of the kitchen, behind the stove.  He leaves his treasure under the house and enters the kitchen where he meets Miss. Penny the house cat and Smoker the Dog – all mouse haters.  He narrowly avoids being eaten by Miss. Penny who knocks herself out chasing Marlowe upstairs and under the bedroom door of Cole, an eleven year old. Marlowe takes refuge in a toy house just his size.  He discovers clothes and puts on a doll’s suit with a vest, shirt, pants and coat.  He also discovers a mirror and takes long looks at himself with his clothes and his new face which includes a huge grin.  He finds a soft bed upstairs in the toy house and goes to sleep. Marlowe is wakened the next morning by Cole and mouse meets man and the real story begins.  Cole conceals he has a mouse who wears clothes – Cole thinks he is an alien.  Cole and the computer and lots of time teach Marlowe to speak and Marlowe names himself from the letters on a book cover that he copies with a ‘miniature golf pencil’.  Eventually Marlowe is introduced to the household of Louise and Lloyd who take weeks to get over the facts which seem like science fiction.  During this time Marlowe discovers a treasure left on the farm by Lloyd’s father who never divulged its location.  The money earned from the treasure allows the poor family to keep their farm and move to new York City where they buy an upscale apartment and live for over a year until the virus comes. A virus enters California.  The virus escapes the cages and confines of medical imprisonment and starts to kill animals at an alarming rate.  Cole and his family leave New York in the late of night and by the time they reach their home in Virginia – there is an epidemic. Lloyd realized early in the epidemic he had to build a wall around the Virginia House, barn and land.  When the family arrives back at the compound the world around them had changed forever as masses of people and animals died off from the disease.  The compound is protected and self-supporting with solar panels, natural gas and a natural water well.  The compound has all it needs to survive until Lloyd comes down with the disease at the same time that a protected center in UCLA in California discovers a vaccine. At the end of this screenplay, which is Part One, Cole and Marlowe secretly leave the compound on a journey across the country to save his father Lloyd from certain death.  They meet Corrie Anne on their first days out who is also seeking the vaccine for her parents.   Cole, Corrie Anne and Marlowe go on the most important journey in history and that is the one to save animal life from extinction, not by guns but by a bug you need a microscope to see.

Lost Cos 
Haunted by her tortured childhood and the violent loss of the great love of her life, troubled dental assistant Eni finds escape in Los Cos, a mysterious underground club where cosplay and burlesque intertwine and heroes and villains blur the line between fantasy and reality. But when a cosplayer dressed as “Merman” shows up dead on a New Jersey beach and a mysterious stalker gets up in her DMs, Eni must confront the traumas that have shaped her life and transform herself into an altogether more formidable force.
19 NIGHTINGALE LANE (White Version)
Haunted by a painful breakup, a young woman escapes Manhattan to stay a month at a neighbor’s London property to lick her wounds, only to find herself attracted to the amorous ghost of a WWII RAF pilot who is a dead ringer for the fiancé she just dumped and ghosted! (NUTSHELL: The Proposal meets Just Like Heaven)
Homesick回家Directed by Stanford Ph.D. graduate Shu SHANG, this experimental short film delves into the psyche of an AI robot in the future. She faces challenges familiar to us today: grappling with birth control like many women, yearning for her hometown like immigrants, and enduring exploitation like the working class. The film features a unique visual style with AI-created dialogues and sounds.
Experimental, Short
A Faery Blight
After Luath is locked out of the faery world, he must adapt to living in a peasant village in 18th-century Ireland. But his ordinary life is disrupted when a witch summons a malevolent faery, who unleashes chaos upon the peasants during the Christmas of 1739.
The PromiseLa PromesaIn a dystopian present, 5 people are forced to flee from what they don’t even  know what it is and it stalks them. They barricade themselves in an abandoned  house. In the city there is no one else, maybe in the next one there will still be  people. Should they stay in this apparently safe place or should they continue? As they  bite into their last piece of bread, they decide their future. Faced with the need to survive, they will do acts that they themselves would not  have imagined doing.En un presente distópico 5 personas se ven obligadas a huir de eso que ni siquiera saben que es y les acecha. Se atrincheran en una casa abandonada. En la ciudad no queda nadie más, tal vez en la siguiente aún quede gente. ¿Acaso deben permanecer en ese sitio aparentemente seguro o deben seguir? Mientras muerden su última porción de pan deciden su futuro. Ante la necesidad de sobrevivir harán actos que ni ellos mismos se hubieran imaginado hacer.Short
Breakfast at the TheatreAamiaista teatterissaSweet and lustful Eerikki wakes up wanting to continue last night’s sexual playtime with Kisu. But he has to travel through a dream world to get what he wants. Suloinen ja himokas Eerikki herää haluten jatkaa viime yön kiimaista leikkiä Kisun kanssa, mutta joutuu matkaamaan unimaailman halki saadakseen haluamansa.Short, Student
OUR LOVENOTRE AMOURA loving woman is cooking a stunning dinner for her lover. He has no idea, but she’s about to make quite a revelation.Une femme amoureuse prépare un magnifique repas à son amant. Ce dernier ne s’attend pas à la révélation qu’elle s’apprête à lui faire.Short
WHEN STARVATION STRIKESA force de faimIn a devastated world, three survivors will do anything to survive.Dans un monde ravagé, trois survivants sont prêts à tout pour s’en sortir.Short
A distant lullaby floating, unraveling away in the Victorian night. Mixed media: live action, stop-motion, miniatures, painting.
Tinkerbelle, long in love with Peter Pan, has convinced the Queen of the Fairies to allow her to become Human and join Peter in the Real World.  But, when the flighty Peter abandons her, she’s left to raise their daughter and protect their home without revealing she was once the most Famous Fairy in the World.
Short screenplay about a young woman whose sexual fantasies have come to life in terrifying ways as she navigates a new relationship.
Beasty and the Beau
Bea loves being cursed into a beast, for the power to rebel against her oppressive fairytale kingdom. But after she recruits kind Prince Beau as her accomplice, she fears true love’s kiss will take away what makes her special. 
Innermost无二The background of the stop-motion animation short film Innermost is set in the future featured by highly advanced technologies but collapsed society and civilization system. The cyberpunk-style science fiction world coexists fantastically with the traditional oriental martial arts world. The story follows the emotional entanglement between a long-lost chivalrous couple and a person with regenerated organs starting from a fight for a mystic magic lyre. From the perspective of what regeneration technologies are able of, the short film will arouse the audience to think of how the value of emotions can be magnified or dissolved.定格动画短片《无二》,背景设置在科技高度发展,但社会与文明体系崩坏的未来。赛博朋克式的科幻世界与传统东方武侠江湖神奇共存。故事由争夺一张神秘魔琴,引出一对失散江湖侠侣与器官再造人之间的情感纠葛。短片将从再生科技的可能性出发,思考高科技世代下,个人情感的价值将被放大或被消解。Animation, Short
HUNGRYGOURMANDISEMinnie Fetish, alter-ego of the artist Sosucks, accustomed to the stage, she performs on music with wild rhythms of hyper pop, and other very dark music..
Back home, after a sex time, Minnie Fetish invites you to play with her, she invites you to discover her uninhibited sexuality during her sex cam. With Gourmandise, Minnie Fetish will make you hungry.

Experimental, Short
Bite Marks
A pregnant vampire fights to escape deadly human hunters and a cabal of vampires desperate to use her unborn child in a sinister ritual.
Christmas Witch – Feature Script
After moving to the mysterious and magickal, Amberlight Valley, a young girl discovers magickal powers of her own… and must do exactly that. 
Middle school is hard enough for Brigid Baelfyre, working through the recent loss of her father while attempting to make the first Christmas away from Scotland special for her and her mother. 
In the midst of the whirlwind that is her life, Brigid must endure the taunts of Morgan Asarligt. The dark and moody princess of Amberlight Valley Middle School, seems to have a deep interest in the tease and torment of our ginger-haired heroine. 
Things take a strange turning point once they are assigned as science partners, and stumble upon what could only be a magick spell. 
They discover the myths and legends of Amberlight Valley are not myths at all, learning a dark force will return soon. Only when the moon is waxing to become full on Halloween, will The Stygian Myst be able to return. 
It has been said that the Myst is like a creature protecting itself from the light of the valley, with the desire to consume everything which falls into its path… including The Amberlight Stone, the source of magick for the Valley.
With the Myst threatening to eradicate all that is pure and magickal, Brigid struggling to understand her own powers, and Morgan’s ever growing attitude, the fate of Amberlight Valley rests in the hands of a thirteen-year old, inexperienced witch.
Will Brigid find The Amberlight Stone and restore the dwindling magick in the Valley with Morgan’s help, or will Morgan thwart her every effort for personal gain?

A young woman, Alice explores an imagined memory with her lost child, Echo. As she begins to drown in the memory, Tom calls her back to reality. But what will she choose ? 
What If
A bitter, rich and greedy man gets the chance to go back and take advantage of a missed financial opportunity, putting him on the way to wealth and power much sooner, but the consequence is a chain reaction of alternate history that not only affects him but the world as well.
Seductive Devotion
In a society where narratives of male perpetrators and harm inflicted upon women prevail, “Seductive Devotion” emerges as a powerful experimental short film presenting an inspiring alternative. Through captivating imagery and a stirring poetic voiceover, the film portrays a positive model of how a man can profoundly and healingly show up for a woman. It challenges societal norms and redefines love, intimacy, and relationships, highlighting the transformative energy between souls. “Seductive Devotion” celebrates vulnerability, courage, empathy, strength, receptivity, and grace, igniting a yearning for the level of committed desire depicted on screen. In a time marked by mistrust and division, this visually arresting and emotionally resonant film offers a refreshing perspective on the healing power of love and understanding, fostering positive change in our perception and engagement in intimate relationships.
Experimental, Short, Other
MIRTILLO – numerus I
1346. The Black Death has arrived in Europe. Andruccio is fleeing his village Coccorone (Italy) in search of salvation. Among the woods and paths he meets a rather singular character who will accompany him to Triora, the ‘village of witches’, to find the cure. A metaphysical journey that will lead the protagonist to live a unique experience between dream and reality where death will become his travelling companion.
Awakening: The First Day
Long ago, a god of Light travels in search of belonging, but he cannot escape the shadows in pursuit of him. In a journey through all the earthly realms, a fundamental truth is revealed once Light finally chooses to confront the Darkness.
Animation, Short
Lobby Card Pilot: Some Fabulous Rhapsody
Dynamic limited streamer, in which distressed, relapsed actress checks into what she thinks is a swank Riviera hotel only to discover that it’s actually a featureless Calabasas rehab center. Her advanced dependencies have altered her reality to the point where she can no longer discern between what’s fantasy and imagination, and what’s not and, against this backdrop, she begins the rocky road back to sobriety, confronting and battling demons to get to the still point of her life.
Television Script
EMBRACEETREINTEMélanie walks past the same alley every day without noticing the strange metal bucket there.Mélanie passe tous les jours devant la même ruelle sans remarquer l’étrange seau métallique qui s’y trouve.Short
Beyond The Great Outdoors
When an alcoholic, single dad, Forest Ranger loses his son to an accidental alien abduction, he tries to enlist the army to help. Meanwhile onboard the Alien Ship, we discover that the Aliens are studying forest preservation on Planet Earth in order to adopt new skills, attitudes and knowledge to save their own failing planet.
Short Script
VenusVenusPregnant as a consequences of a rape, she relives her trauma in a nightmare.Elle se retrouve seule, nue, dans sa salle de bain, face au traumatisme qui la hante.Short
Planet Bliss
After they discover the ancient ruins of an alien colony near the human settlement on Planet Bliss, three environmental engineers follow a signal only they can see to an encounter that alters their perceptions and reshapes humanity’s future.
The faun of healwood, the edge
During a walk in the forest, a young woman, Jane, meets a wounded stranger pursued by strange hunters. She asks her to help her reach a dolmen in order to bring a magical object. Jane is reluctant to accept the adventure for which she seems destined.

Beyond The SeaBeyond The SeaLady Casca, a drag queen in her sixties, is about to go on stage at her cabaret for the last time. The next day, retirement by the sea awaits her. But her son Thomas, whom she has not seen for a long time, interrupts the festivities. He has sad news to tell her.Lady Casca, drag queen d’une soixantaine d’années, s’apprête à monter pour la dernière fois sur la scène du cabaret qu’elle a créé. Le lendemain, c’est la retraite au bord de la mer qui l’attend. Mais son fils Thomas, qu’elle n’a plus vu depuis longtemps, interrompt les festivités. Il a une triste nouvelle à lui annoncer.Short
Tales of Sparda
The story begins with our three friends, Nico, Jun, and  Darius, meeting at a local diner. The friends are getting  reacquainted when an explosion goes off from the kitchen,  killing everyone inside. When the friends finally come to, they are seen in a  horrible state, throwing up and bleeding from their eyes.  It doesn’t take long for the group to realize that they are  in fact dead because of the explosion but are left  wondering where they ended up since this new world looks  different. Suddenly a monster appears from the distance and  tries to attack the three friends, when suddenly, a glowing  figure saves them from their second demise. After rescuing the friend group from danger, the glowing  figure reveals herself as Midalia, Leader of the Light  Brigade Guild. She offers her hand in friendship and takes  the guys on a floating platform to reveal the rest of the  city. She further explains to them that after dying from the explosion, the friend group ended up in the land of  Sparda, and further explains about the other guilds that  occupy the city. She also tells them that their choices are  limited, either join a guild or become slaves. Midalia leaves Nico, Jun, and Darius in the city so they  could further explore and tells them to meet her at the  registration hall. The guys realize that their mana level  is low, and the citizens treat them as such. They get into  an altercation with one of the locals and end up getting  beaten to a pulp, leaving them bruised, bloody, and beaten. When the guys finally get reacquainted with Midalia, she  notices their poor state and heals them. They finally enter  the registration hall, and after proving their worth they are accepted to different guilds.

relentlessnessacharnementWe go back in time to find out why a youth was shot 13 times.Nous remontons le temps pour comprendre pourquoi un jeune s’est fait tirer dessus 13 fois.Short, Student
The Wise Old Owl
In June 2022, an engineer was laid off after publishing conversations he had with the Artificial Intelligence prototype he was working on. Here is his story.
The Monumental Twins Of Magic
“After two telepathic twins survive their traumatic childhood, they are hired by a famous magician, where they navigate a world of underground drug cartels, traveling roadside scams and luxurious celebrity lifestyles, until deciding to blow it all up and become informants for the FBI.”
DREAM, a film by Taso Papadakis  2024 Official Selection, The Fantasy Film Festival, Paris 2023 “Best Short Film” Style, Experimental, Fashion Film Festival 2023 “Best Edit” Melbourne Independent Film Festival, 2023 “Best Edit” Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival, June 2023 Official Selection ‘Venice Under the Stars’ Film Festival (Italy) starring: Riley Ayn Reed music by: Nick Barrel  photographed, edited and directed by Taso Papadakis
An experimental short art house film. Performance artist Riley Reed moves tenaciously in a unique Dream to an EDM soundtrack. Shot and edited in a “one-of-a-kind” style by Taso Papadakis.

Experimental, Other
A widower and his young daughter fend off a predatory land speculator by any means necessary in this psychological thriller set on a dying ranch in the Southwest. With shifting points of view and a twisting power structure, the story delves deep into our perception of control, unraveling a family mystery that spawns eerie tension, abducts our expectations of good and evil, and draws us in to a shocking reveal.
FANTASIAFANTASIAIn an era rocked by religion and taboo violence, the arrival of a couple in Seth and Beth’s neighborhood risks upsetting a balance built on solid puritanical foundations. The arrival of a couple in their neighborhood threatens to bring back a past that has been disguised as a 60’s American routine. Their discovery will lead them to a transitory world, where time has ceased to exist, and where nature reigns.Dans une époque bercée par la religion et une violence taboue, l’arrivée d’un couple dans le voisinage de Seth et de Beth risque de bouleverser un équilibre construit sur des bases puritaines solides. Menaçant dès lors, de faire ressurgir un passé maquillé sous une routine américaine des années 60. Leur découverte les mènera dans un monde transitoire, là où le temps a cessé d’exister, et où la nature règne.Screenplay, Short Script
Ultra Red
Shortly before unexpectedly ceasing transmission, a rover on Mars captures video footage of a seemingly ominous life form. As NASA scrambles to build an investigative team, they are forced to secure the help of the rover’s designer, former NASA engineer turned convicted criminal Jack Walker. With Jack along to repair and relaunch the rover, the team takes a long journey to the red planet. Their discovery of a mysterious, yet non-threatening box on the planet’s surface causes deeply buried emotions to bubble up and things get violent. As crew members begin to fall, the others struggle to survive and make it back to Earth, truly ignorant of the terrifying power of their additional cargo.
HangerwindRiippatuuliLittle boy finds himself middle of scary and peculiar events when his house starts to fly.Pikkupoika päätyy keskelle outoja ja pelottavia tapahtumia kun hänen talonsa alkaa lentää.Animation
A bad boy gets possessed by a fly (aka the devil/death) which confronts him with his own personality. This narration is wrapped up in a fresh genre bending experimental dance film. 
Experimental, Short, Other
When Alice’s sister Bronwyn joins their village’s long list of missing girls, her desperate search leads her to a strange and haunting world.
Short, Student, Television, Web / New Media
A Night With Lucas and Silvia
The two titular characters are on their third date and one awkward encounter follows the next, leading to their eventual miscommunication in the bedroom.
Alex and Brooke are taking their workplace flirtations out for a spin. What should have been a romantic coffee date suddenly gets more complicated when Sean arrives and makes the evening memorable for all the wrong reasons.
Alex and Brooke are taking their workplace flirtations out for a spin. What should have been a romantic coffee date suddenly gets more complicated when Sean arrives and makes the evening memorable for all the wrong reasons.
When Emma and Michael literally bump into each other by accident, do they take the opportunity to say what they really want to say? 
Macumba: A Family Folklore
Based on family history, in this magical realism drama set in Brazil 1960’s, a young Catholic girl overcomes the generational trauma of corporal punishment after she begins to have visions of a magical and irreverent African-Brazilian sacred entity.
Inspirado em fatos reais, esse drama/fantasia se passa no sul do Brasil nos anos 60. Um menina católica consegue superar o trauma geracional quando ela começa a receber visitas da Entidade Afro-brasileira, Iansã: o Orixá dos ventos e das tempestades.

Till that dayJusqu’au jourA couple receives a phone call from their son, Jacob, who has been in a car accident after returning from a party. The parents attempt to reach him, but he is nowhere to be found after the phone call is abruptly cut off. A pair of police officers will have to continue the search.
Un couple reçoit un appel de leur fils, Jacob, qui a fait un accident de voiture suite à son retour d’un party. Les parents tentent de le rejoindre, mais il reste introuvable après que l’appel ait été coupé abruptement. Un duo de policiers devra poursuivre les recherches. Short
In The Background
This film glimpses the subconscious archetypes surrounding the ideas of consciousness, duality, and reincarnation.
Animation, Experimental, Music Video, Short, Other
DARK CELLDARK CELLTwo convicts in an orbital prison are doing what they usually do, which is to say, not much. Suddenly, two panicked guards armed to the teeth burst into their cell. The guards tell them that the orbital prison has just been invaded by blood-thirsty zombie-type creatures. If they want to survive, their only solution is to eject their cell and return to Earth. But when the ejection order is entered into the computer, it refuses it. The cell, designed for two occupants only, now holds four people.
There can only be two lucky winners… and there’s not much time to pick them.
Deux détenus d’une prison orbitale font ce qu’ils font d’habitude, c’est-à-dire pas grand-chose.  Soudain, ils voient débouler dans leur cellule deux gardiens affolés et armés jusqu’aux dents. Ceux-ci leur expliquent que l’installation pénitentiaire vient d’être envahie par des créatures sanguinaires du genre “zombies”.  Pour survivre, leur unique solution est d’éjecter la cellule et de rentrer sur terre.  Mais lorsque l’ordre d’éjection est donné à l’ordinateur central, celui-ci refuse . La cellule, conçue pour seulement deux occupants, en contient désormais quatre.  Il va falloir choisir les heureux gagnants, et vite.
a tree once grew here
“A Tree Once Grew Here” combines captivating visuals, animation, and imagery, to tell a tale that transcends language. We are reminded that we must rebalance harmony and nurture our planet; because we can no longer afford not to.  
Animation, Short
Winds of the great Mojave
Guy walks into a bar in the desert city of Mojave and finds out where the winds that constantly blow come from. 
Short Script
Two guys meet a Chinese bar tender who seems to have the power to control dice
Short Script
Charles is a renowned photographer who has worked with the best, made his mark and who now works in his own photography studio that doubles as his apartment. All seems well, but something is missing. A craving he can’t satiate nor comprehend, which will inevitably take a toll on his morals, work ethics and sanity, without sparing those who have the misfortune of crossing his path. 
Who Invited The Robots?
Young love is so easy! …At the beginning. 
Adam and Dolores want to take the next big step in their relationship by moving in together, but Dolores needs her friend’s approval first.
A dinner party is set so everyone can become acquainted with Dolores’ new boyfriend. A true test of any budding love story — will they like Adam? Will Adam like them?
It’s a nerve wracking moment for everyone involved, but what’s the worst that could happen?

In his afterlife, an insecure concert pianist is tempted to play the tune of his favorite piece that perpetually keeps him in the hell of his own making.
Award-winning environmental campaigner Gaia is about to see her reputation go up in smoke as her SUV-loving boss takes on a new fossil fuel burning client. She finds herself on a surreal trip, meeting a host of strange, and yet familiar, characters who try to help her do the right thing. Can she find the courage to speak out before it’s too late, or will imposter syndrome defeat her?
Short Script
A young couple’s baby monitor reveals a stranger watching their infant sleep…
A dark comedy that follows troubled writer, Vincent Tremblay, as he escapes to an isolated retreat, determined to complete his first novel. However, his solitude is short lived as a powerful force suddenly encroaches and Vincent finds himself caught firmly in its grasp.
THE RETURN子归In a black market private clinic, a pregnant girl in a wedding dress finds her groom who has run away from their wedding, whereas he hides in a remote suburban courtyard working as a black market doctor who performs abortions. Then the depressed bride makes the groom abort his own flesh and blood, and disappears overnight with the fetus.
Zhang Jing, a girl is raped by a sex fiend and becomes pregnant, then she is introduced by the bartender A-Hui to a black market private clinic for an abortion. But after the doctor gives Zhang Jing an abortion, she finds that the fetal flesh has disappeared. As a matter of fact, the fetal flesh has grown into a little monster, which becomes a ghost of her inner shadow following and haunting her.
The vengeful Bride of Darkness lets the baby kill the doctor, and after the doctor’s death, the baby is deposited with A-Hui, who is somehow possessed and runs away that night. A-Hui’s mother chases him to the clinic, where she finds her son wearing a doctor’s robe, cutting himself with a scalpel and talking nonsense. During the desperation she calls a priest to exorcise her son.
All this brings up a deep secret about A-Hui’s mother: long time ago, she killed and buried her daughter with her own hands, because her husband and his family had traditional preference for sons. A-Hui is fortunate to be rescued by the priest, however, the karma of accumulated lives is calling for the very last judgment ……
The Funhouse Slasher Vol 1. Murder Camp
Six volunteer camp counselors travel to Camp Riverside to help re-open the camp after a brutal massacre led it to be closed. However, as they arrive they soon find out that death is only around the corner. 
Maria José Maria
On the same night that a dismembered and decapitated body is found in the city streets, Maria José wakes up startled by the absence of her mother.  The authorities try to find the author of this heinous crime, but soon they will face unexpected circumstances. With a Hitchcockian touch, this psychological horror film, with both gore and absurd humor, is inspired by a true story that horrified Portugal in the mid-nineteenth century.
Deborah is trapped in a hospital room after a car accident. As she desperately tries to reach her partner by phone, a presence seems to be watching her in the darkness of the room… 
Man in the Mountain
Pilot Episode: For generations, a family has been protecting secrets of alien encounters on family owned land.  Now, in recent times, a scientist looks into them with historical evidence.  This Science Fiction short film is a section of a double feature screenplay, approximately Part 3 of 8.
S’èveS’èveFranck, a silent hermit, spends peaceful days in the middle of the forest. He spends his time collecting objects from the city’s waste that are used to furnish his small isolated cabin, or to take walks in nature. Randomly during his quest, he finds in a double-locked chest a doll on a human scale and with an ultra-realistic look. This unusual encounter with this plastic creature will upset his daily life as a solitary.Franck, un ermite taiseux, coule des jours paisibles au milieu de la forêt. Il occupe son temps à prélever dans les déchets de la ville des objets qui servent à garnir sa petite cabane isolée, ou  à se promener dans la nature. Au hasard de sa quête, il trouve dans un coffre fermé à double tours une poupée à taille humaine et à l’allure ultra-réaliste. Cette rencontre insolite avec cette créature de plastique va bouleverser son quotidien de solitaire.Short

The Tunnel: Interview With A Monster
Dr. Larry Levin, a convicted serial killer is brought to a black ops rendition site where he is to be “interviewed” by two government agents for his past crimes only to realize that some chupacabras have come to join them.
Sleepwalker’s questКвест ЛунатикаA young neurosurgeon with unique abilities is drawn into a confrontation between two organizations involved in smuggling priceless artifacts from parallel worlds. As a result, the very existence of our world comes into question.Молодой нейрохирург, обладающий уникальными способностями втянут в противостояние двух организаций, занимающихся контробандой бесценных артефактоы из параллельных миров. В результате встаёт под вопрос само существование нашего мира.Experimental, Short
L’homme qui collectionne les élastiques – L’uomo che raccoglie gli elastici
Un enfant solitaire grandit en jouant dans la cour et remarque la peur d’un vieil homme pour la vie en dehors de sa maison. Il attire son attention en lui passant des élastiques. Le Vieil Homme est incapable d’être reconnaissant et l’éloigne. Ils vont s’affronter dans un duel jusqu’à la dernière note.
Un bambino solitario cresce giocando in cortile e nota la paura di un vecchio per la vita fuori casa. Attira la sua attenzione passandogli degli elastici. Il Vecchio non riesce a ringraziarlo e lo allontana. Si sfideranno in un duello all’ultima nota.

Animation, Experimental, Short
The Whales’ shepherdEl pastor de ballenasThis story speaks about the events that precede the birth of a whales’ shepherdEsta historia narra los eventos que preceden el nacimiento de un pastor de ballenas. Animation, Experimental, Short
The ships came. One by one they appeared in the sky. No shots were fired, no missiles launched. The earth was conquered without a fight. Now one man seeks the truth, by entering a mysterious competition called Solarcadia: a series of tests that, if he can survive, will allow him to face the secretive alien race of the Arramites.

Spirit Traveler: Looking into the Past for a Better Future
Mystic Sonja Grace looks at the breaking point of two ancient cultures on opposite sides of the world and how their history can help us today. Her ability to Spirit Travel back in time gives a new perspective on the Hopi Indians from Northern Arizona and the Celtic people of England, Ireland, and Scotland. She examines why circular chambers like kivas and stone circles such as Stonehenge were built, the portals that are marked by these sites and the Demi Gods and aliens who influenced them.  From the ancient past Sonja brings back hope for the future. 
Documentary, Experimental, Short
The Misprint
A lone technician’s attempt to clone himself using cutting edge technology goes horribly wrong.
Animation, Experimental, Short
The priory of Sion published  by editions  edilivre in france quand le mystèrieux prieuré  de Sion  s’invite à Rennes Le Chateau .The  treasure of templars    of abbe  Sauniere  and  of abbey Boudet of Rennes of Castle in France  with   the priory  of  Sion , the Graal of templars ,mediums and historical    people against   ennemy   Brouillard society 
ADAADAAda, an eight-year-old girl, witnesses the ongoing tensions between her parents. One evening, a particularly heated argument breaks out.Ada, une petite fille de huit ans, assiste aux tensions permanentes entre ses parents. Un soir, une dispute particulièrement virulente éclate.Short
Face to Face
A date in the ashes of the apocalypse. A woman and a man. Alone in a world in ruins. They speak to fill the void that will be left by the approach of death. Two people who love each other and who speak modestly about the impossibility of saying goodbye. Face to face, it is above all a reflection on the last kiss, the last embrace, the impossible and inevitable moment when we must let go of beloved hand and let death do its work..
Ultimate Chabite
Four friends are playing a silly game that will soon provoke the collapse of human society. 
Dream Lover
A 1950’s housewife meets the man of her dreams
Experimental, Short
Three cyborg couples enter a newly opened building: the Human Museum. They are confronted with exhibits of humanity: statues of intertwined bodies, anatomical informations, and educational films, reacting emotionally with astonishment, disgust, fear, and curiosity toward the objects in the exhibit. In an inevitable process of machine learning, the six protagonists change during their visit, learning to simulate the rules of arousal and attraction. The pairs are not just the juxtaposition of two cyborgs.  Can the machines ever feel what their bodies skillfully mimic: desire?
Animation, Experimental, Music Video, Web / New Media
In the heart of a forest, four witches perform a ritual to take their place in the film
Experimental, Short, Student
Charlie a encore fugué d’une de ses nombreuses familles d’accueil. Hélène, son éducatrice et tutrice est venue la récupérer en voiture. L’orage éclate et Hélène a réservé un Airbnb dans les fins fonds de la Normandie pour éviter trop de route mais une fois sur place, les ennuis commencent… 
Cherry Sunday
Long time friends meet and plan on enjoying, what could very well be, the last of their intimate getaways.
Short Script
Sweetness Follows
A nurse indulges her fascination with a truly remarkable patient in her care.
Short Script
Flesh Fantastique
Struggling to complete an erotic story, an amateur writer receives valuable input from his wife, and discovers an exciting new world of possibilities.
Short Script
A Cunj
A couple experiencing strange phenomena in their home find their relationship is strengthened, when individual beliefs are challenged and coming together proves the only means to navigating the ordeal.
Short Script
The Warden
During a lunar expedition, a wormhole was discovered near the dark side of the moon. This wormhole was later named “The Looking Glass” and is connected to an Earth-like planet called Naraka. This strange and remarkable world was considered one of the greatest discoveries in mankind’s history due to its vast amount of natural resources. Naraka was an unforgiving and perilous venture, that would be known as “The Light at the End of the Tunnel Where Demons Dwell”.
Short Script
The Black Cross
A former government assassin is hunted by an insidious organization with ties to her past.
Short Script
RedZhuang, a young woman who longs to be a poet, is coerced by her auditor mother into a soul-sucking accountant job. She develops an odd vision of the color red after the death of her grandmother, the only person who believes in Zhuang’s poetic gifts. Drifting into a dream-like state, Zhuang writes more poems and jeopardizes her work performance. The morning after her mother destroys Zhuang’s notebook of original poems, Zhuang wakes to find her grandmother making her a bowl of red bean soup. Zhuang drinks the soup and makes a decision.梦想成为诗人的年轻会计庄蝶厌倦了她的996社畜生活。审计员母亲对其从事会计工作十分强硬。在唯一支持庄蝶梦想的外婆去世后,她患上了一种奇怪的红色幻想症。游走在梦境般的现实中,庄蝶开始更频繁地写诗,工作表现一落千丈。在母亲把她的诗本撕得粉碎的次日清晨,外婆回家给她煮了一碗红豆汤。她喝了红豆汤,做了一个决定。Short
KrampussÞið kannist við…On Christmas Eve, an Icelandic family comes face to face with the Yule Cat, a ravenous creature of folklore hungry for those who didn’t get clothes for Christmas.Fjölskylda kemst í hann krappann á aðfangadagskvöld þegar jólaköttinn ber að garði, í leit að þeim sem fengu enga mjúka pakka. Short
Dans les Bois l’orée
Au cours d’une promenade en forêt, une jeune femme, Jane, rencontre une inconnue blessée poursuivie par d’étranges chasseurs. Elle lui demande de l’aider à atteindre un dolmen afin d’en rapporter un objet magique. Jane hésite à accepter l’aventure à laquelle elle semble destinée.
“Based on a true story” Seven women embark on a transformative weekend in Sedona, Arizona, forging bonds and finding inner strength through shared struggles and secrets. 
A young woman rents a house in America’s largest ghost town, Jerome, Arizona for a business trip, but soon discovers that the house is cursed and traps any woman who enters it. The house transforms into a maze, making it impossible for the woman to escape. Will she be able to break the curse and escape the maze before it’s too late? or will she become the next victim of the cursed house?

A Hell of a Trip to Delicias
Ecotourists visiting Granada, Nicaragua explore its rich colonial heritage and architecture, and explore the looming caldera of El Mombacho. That is, for those fortunate to stay anywhere besides Hotel “Delicias”. But for Matthew and Ashley, two trust fund kids from the States, they picked the wrong hotel. As do the two Italian tourists they meet at the hotel, and who then mysteriously vanish. Suffice it to say that 500 years of colonial rule, with the rape and cultural genocide, has left a lot of bad juju among some of the natives. And they will exact their revenge, if you’re unfortunate enough to pick Hotel “Delicias”. So stay at Hotel “Delicias” , for a hell of a trip to Granada
Folie a Deux
We delve into the turbulent world of Oliver, an overworked chef ensnared in a relentless cycle of exhaustion and financial strain. As he turns to drugs and alcohol for escape, he inadvertently drags his girlfriend, Isabel, into the destructive undertow. Their journey leads them into a seemingly normal rehab care home with a sinister secret—beneath its deceiving surface lies a facility harbouring dark forces and clandestine experiments.  As Oliver’s mental state rapidly deteriorates, the boundaries between reality and delusion blur, forcing him to confront the harrowing consequences of his actions, particularly the harm inflicted on Isabel. In the face of shattered trust and emotional devastation, Oliver is confronted with the daunting task of rebuilding his life. Amid the backdrop of their crumbling relationship, we delve into the sinister depths of Malcolm, a therapist with a dark side, Mikhaila, a woman entangled in her own obsessions, and Pirate, a figure marked by experimentation and madness.

Short Script
A headstrong mages apprentice finds a dragon egg while cleaning her mentors library.  She attempts to hatch it using magic, and learns to value the process as much as the end result. 
Short, Student
Hostage to AI amid apocalyptic chaos, Eli, Eva, and four colleagues attempt to save the world. An uneaten apple sits on a desk of the regional headquarters of (not Amazon) Nile.com where a group of colleagues are introduced: A. Main Characters – 6 Everyday Personality Archetypes i. AJ: The Leader (white or mixed, early thirties, brilliant and arrogant (e Miles Teller or Jesse Williams)) ii. ELI: The Good One (white or Jewish, late forties or early fifties, affable and easy going (Paul Rudd or Robert Downey Jr.) iii. EVA: The Clever One (mid 30s, white or mixed, strong (Blake Lively or Zoe Kravitz)) iv. LEO: The Genius (Middle Eastern or Subcontinental, early forties, introvert, (Tomer Capone or Rami Malek)) v. LILY: The Bad One (Mid 20s, Asian, or White, petite, fiery) (Tati Gabrielle or Chloe Grace Moretz)) vi. JOHN: The Introvert (black man, early-thirties, beefy, no-bullshit ( Michael B. Jordan or Winston Duke) The introduction is interrupted by the abrupt, unexpected, and shocking unraveling of humankind. In recent days, the UN Secretary General outed an American non-profit worker kidnapped by ISIS, who then broadcast the worker being thrown from a building. The US retaliated by destroying ISIS headquarters in Nigeria. The US strike against ISIS inadvertently killed a number of Wagner fighters, and in response, Wagner provided ISIS with nuclear material absconded from Ukraine. ISIS outfitted a nuclear weapon onto the private jet of a Saudi sovereign wealth fund representative, who inadvertently delivered the bomb to the annual shareholders meeting of Berkshire Hathaway in Omaha, Nebraska, where it detonated upon landing. FEMA announces the United States is uniquely prepared to meet the moment, as FEMA’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) is fully integrated with the AIs of the nation’s military and critical infrastructure . FEMA’s AI mistakes a unique mutation bloom of Covid in Arizona as a bioweapon, and alerts the Pentagon AI to attack China, its deciphered source. A cascade of algorithmic reactions leads to all-out war. The FEMA AI locks down access to all egress, and the main characters are trapped inside their work building, as the FEMA AI believes they need protection from rotating sources of danger outside throughout the movie. One-by-one, the circumstances of humankind’s downfall team up with the unique character of each archetype to cause their death, until only two characters remain: EVA/the Clever One and ELI/the Good One. EVA/the Clever One, finds a way to stop and even reverse the apocalypse, but to do so the Good One must die. Tortured by this dilemma, EVA considers letting the world end rather than be responsible for the ELI’s death. ELI, the Good One, understands the gravity of the situation, reflexively saying, “Oh god,” to which a bitter EVA snaps back that the situation has proven that no god exists. Instantly, there is no sound, no wind, no violence, no shaking, all kinetic activity abruptly stops, and the Good One turns to her saying, “But I’ve been here the whole time.” Eli/God explains that he is having a “time out,” for the first time in a while regarding humanity, which Eva/the Clever One quickly interprets as existential and defends humanity’s potential, despite everything. The characters are then instantly returned to the movie’s critical moment, and Eva, with surprise help from a character thought dead, saves the world. The survivors banter with Eli/God as the credits begin and the camera pulls away. And away. And away, stopping when it reaches a beefed-up international space station. Inside, mega-wattage actor cameo astronauts observe the ravaged earth below. discussing – among themselves their plans to restore the planet with the provisions stored there. The film ends with a close-up on the (bitten) apple. After the credits, the audience is finally shown the never-shown back story of John, who is revealed to have previously been an arms dealer in Nigeria (suspiciously dealing in bioweapons), who had recently transitioned to cyberweapons and was hired by a mysterious consortium to develop the very machine sought after to save the world in the movie. It is revealed that he is the one who told Eva/the Clever One the secret password she needed in the end to save the world.
Suite au suicide de sa mère démente, Lucie part pour sa maison d’enfance en quête de réponses. Mais le locataire des lieux, un vieillard étrange nommé Ephraïm, va graduellement soumettre le compagnon de Lucie à son influence néfaste. Et si l’octogénaire était responsable de la folie de sa mère ?Screenplay
One brand, one president, one state. The world has changed. Ikzo is EVERYTHING. In this sanitized and oppressed universe, Azema, a simple machinist, goes in search of his disappeared friend, Ashita. By taking away from him what was most dear to him, they awakened in him a power capable of changing the face of the world…
Animation, Experimental, Short
The She-E
In a realm where ancient bloodlines possess hidden powers, Aeithna, a young elf girl, grapples with the weight of her ancestry after inadvertently awakening her dormant fire powers. 
“The She-E” is a captivating short film that provides a window into a vast world where elves live alongside humans, each endowed with distinct powers and abilities shaped by their ancestral bloodlines and the diverse environments they inhabit.


Extra Screenings:
Sleepwalker’s quest by Vyacheslav Mokin
Macumba: A Family Folklore de Aline Andrade
Signal de Jérôme Pierrat
Echo de Jo Southwell
Maria José Maria de Chico Noras

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