FFF 2023

Fantasy Film Festival Program 2023
June 9th, 10th, and 11th at Club de l’Etoile

The Winners of the Fantasy Film Festival, Paris 2023

Best Director – Meilleur Réalisateur : 

Little Yellow Flower by Chien-Ping Lin
The Role of a Lifetime by Marc Saez

Best Drama – Meilleur Court-métrage Dramatique:

The Whispering Chimeras by Jordi Avalos

Best Fantasy – Meilleur Court-métrage Fantastique:

The Rock of Ages by Eron Sheean
O by Fabien Legeron

Best Sci-Fi – Meilleur Court-métrage Science-Fiction:

After Dawn by Xavier Ournac
Anemoia by Zachary Karem

Best Horror – Meilleur Court-métrage d’horreur:

INCUBUS by Tito Fernandes

Best Erotic – Meilleur Court-métrage Érotique:

Behind the Pink Mind by Uriel Nogalight

Best Feature – Meilleur Long-métrage:

Ahriman: Death Before Dying by Mani Nickpour 

Best Script – Meilleur Scénario:
The Masked Service by Vivien Roeltgen

Best Web-series – Meilleure de Web-Série:

Save the Watermelon – Christopher W. Smith
Bwitch by Christophe Beudet

Best Feminine role – Prix d’interprétation Féminine:


Best Male role – Prix d’interprétation Masculine:
Ophelia: The Curse of the Moat by Klaudia Lanka
This is my home by Julien Rodrigues

Best Animation – Meilleur film d’animation:

Where the Robot Things Are by Andrew McGregor

A Night of Misfit Films Award – Le choix de Night of Misfit Films:
Terra Firma by Dean de Barros

Jury Award – Prix du Jury:
INCUBUS by Tito Fernandes

Directors’ Choice Award – Le choix des organisateurs:
LEILA by Pamela Saade
War explosion depression and other types of pillow talk by Pamela Saade


FRIDAY JUNE 9th 2023

Friday Block 1:
4:30 PM – 7:30 PM
Grimoire Vol. 1 by Donovan Smith
Little Yellow Flower by Chien-Ping Lin
Gutter by Theodore Drusba
INCUBUS by Tito Fernandes
The Disappearance by Eve by Ángeles Páez
METAMORPHOSIS by Jonathon Kimble
That Cold Dead Look by Your Eyes de Onur Tukel

Friday Block 2: 
7:30 PM
Opening Ceremony, followed by the screening of Madame Hilton by Jonathan Chiche
with the presence of the cast and crew

Friday Block 3: 
9:30 PM – 11:00 PM
Phantom of the Sauna by Luis Navarrete


Saturday Block 1:
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM
Siege of Paris by Darren O’ Mahony
Borderline by Kieran Shea, David Osorio
Ethereal by Anthony Bradford
Shut by Niels Bourgonje

Saturday Block 2: 
11:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Leopard Heels by Chris Turner
Chimera by Andrew Lee Ryan
Fairy Story by Griff Jones
The Fork in the Road by CAROLYN JENNIFER C
House of the Unholy by DANIEL MERLOT
Avant-Jour by Théo De Oliveira
The Rock of Ages by Eron Sheean

Saturday Block 3:
1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Lost Prayers by Christopher Luna
Dans l’ombre édition spéciale by Fabrice Mathieu
The Blue Drum by Angelita Mendoza
Arrivederci Paris by louis salvatore bellanti
Ila Haythou – To Nowhere by Pamela Nassour
The Night Jaguar by Robert Zimmer
This is my home by Julien Rodrigues
Behind the Pink Mind by Uriel Nogalight

Saturday Block 4: 
3:00 PM – 5:15 PM
Bwitch by Christophe Beudet
After Dawn by Xavier Ournac
Where the Robot Things Are by Andrew McGregor
Entre le tour du silence et celui des maux by Anna Saad
The Return by Shelagh Mcleod
Laura by yannis bennegent

Saturday Block 5:
5:15 PM – 6:45 PM
O by Fabien Legeron
The Role of a Lifetime by Marc Saez
Celle Qui n’avait pas vu Friends by Charlotte Gabris
Separation by Aurélien Achache
Monochrome by Dany Niederhauser
Terra Firma by Dean de Barros

Saturday Block 6:
6:45 PM- 8:00 PM
Here the mistral blows hard by Sabine Jean
Not a long time ago by Marcus Günther
LEILA by Pamela Saade
The Woman from the End of the Seas by Elsa Parisot
The Island by Camille Corbett Corbe

Saturday Block 7: 
8:00 PM -10:00 PM
99 Moons by 
Jan Gassmann with the presence of the director

Saturday Block 8:
10:00 PM -11:30 PM
Networking Event

SUNDAY JUNE 11th 2023

Sunday Block 1: 
1:00 PM – 2:30 PM

Fernweh by Maria Peralta Ramos
Mother Tongue by Shelly Hong
Long Lankin by Ivar Kants
Tiny Dreams by Tautvydas Baranauskas
Waters Fall by Prema Cottingham, Navi Collaborative
Escalation by Christian Bachini
Mister Anyone by Adalberto Lombardo
Remains of a Life by Clémence Jouen

Sunday Block 2: 
2:30 PM – 4:30 PM
Dream State: Lucid Dream by John Aldridge
A man who loves me by Frederique Barraja
Ophelia: The Curse of the Moat by Klaudia Lanka
The Whispering Chimeras by Jordi Avalos

Sunday Block 3:
4:30 PM -6:30 PM
Anemoia by Zachary Karem
Extasium by Guilhem Bertrand and Quentin Bruet-Ferréol
My Muse by Guillaume Tordjman
Morto Rossa by Yan Berthemy
PHANTASME by Florian Le Tavernier, Arthur Rupert-Meinsfeld
War explosion depression and other types of pillow talk by Pamela Saade

Sunday Block 4: 
6:30 PM- 9:00 PM
Closing Ceremony
Ahriman: Death Before Dying by Mani Nickpour 

Amélie Prevost au Festival du Film du Fantasme – The Fantasy Film Festival 2022

Script Competition :

End of Scene Jen Butler
The Vessel by Phil Hoad
Moksha by Saurin Lakhia
Moth by Maggie Nightingale
Candy Puppet by Angela Lorena Daza
Salve by Colin Swinfin
A New Believer / Refound Faith by Ellie Mae Smith
As Scared as you by Jesse Dorian
The Murderbot Diaries by Keith LaCabe
Shel-Bitch debi yazbeck
Subject 26 by Martha Evans
Myth by Ricky Hawthorne
The Strange Untried by Benjamin Gohs
Other Doors by G. Lloyd Helm
Greenman by Don Stroud
Splashdown by Don Stroud
Trouble House by sacha kenton
Colorless Kanako Nagayama
The door in the mirror by Geoff Murillo
Review by Jonathan Zarantonello
Tigress by Martin Keady
Find me by Elif Baraz
Out of her shadow by Clara Cantos
A NEW LEAF by Kieran Shea
Sebastian and the Invisible Island by Michael William Hogan
The Lane by Barbara Spevack

Sasha just lost her parents the day before she turned 18. As she blows out her candles alone, a trainer and his apprentice come to tell her that she is a witch and that she must complete 45 tasks if she does not want to die.

What if hope, gone for so long suddenly came back to us. For an instant, hope meets dream without ever forgetting reality. Regis’ reality.

The Phantom of the Sauna.
Javi, a young rent boy living in Madrid, comes to a sauna club
looking for job. But he’ll find out soon that the place is full of secrets, the biggest of them a strange man that will fall in love with him: the Phantom of the Sauna.
Javi acude a la Sauna Popularbuscando un trabajo para cumplir susueño de ser cantante. Pero la saunaguarda muchos secretos, empezandopor los de su dueña, y siguiendo porun misterioso hombre que habita enlos conductos de ventilación yacabará enamorándose de Javi.
When Jonas visits his father after a long time, he’s shocked to find him in a confused state. Has his father’s mental state badly deteriorated or is something more sinister going on?

The Lane
Whilst taking a shortcut to school, a lonely teenager discovers a world that appreciates her.

Sebastian and the Invisible Island
An intelligent and adventurous young boy is stranded on a hidden island where his only hope for escape comes from a long-lost female aviator and feuding extraterrestrials who also yearn for home.

After kidnapping eight-year-old Mia with the intention of selling her, a group of conspirators meet Fury, the Goddess. Their sins are killing them, one by one.
Ethereal After his fiancé falls into a coma, a forlorn man utilizes astral projection in order to bring back the consciousness of his beloved from limbo before a malicious entity devours her soul.

Ophelia: the Curse of the moat
Ophélie de Ferjac was forcibly married to a boor, Geoffroy Désormeaux, at the end of the 16th century. While she was trying to join her lover, Quentin, her husband surprised her and to punish her, he locked her in her room where she died of grief. Since then, the ghost of Ophelia – nicknamed “the White Lady” – haunts the corridors of the castle and seeks revenge. Three centuries later, the building was bought by Bastien Désormeaux (one of Geoffroy’s descendants), a scientist who wants to retire there in order to continue his research in astronomy. He hires at his side an apprentice astronomer, Théodore Lepré, who is led to the castle by Gaspard Fresnel, a villager whose behavior is at least ambiguous. At the meanwhile, a white Wolf wanders around the castle…
Ophélie de Ferjac a été mariée de force à un rustre, Geoffroy Désormeaux, à la fin du XVIe siècle. Alors qu’elle tentait de rejoindre son amant, Quentin, son époux l’a surprise et pour la punir, il l’a enfermée dans sa chambre où elle est morte de chagrin. Depuis, le fantôme d’Ophélie – surnommé “la Dame blanche” – hante les couloirs du château et cherche à se venger. Trois siècles plus tard, la bâtisse est rachetée par Bastien Désormeaux (l’un des descendants de Geoffroy), un scientifique qui souhaite s’y retirer afin de poursuivre ses recherches en astronomie. Il engage à ses côtés un apprenti astronome, Théodore Lepré, conduit au château par Gaspard Fresnel, un villageois au comportement pour le moins ambigu. Parallèlement, une Louve blanche erre aux abords du château…
Terra Firma
Set in a future where earth has become an uninhabitable planet, two scientists build a robot that must travel the galaxy in search of a new home for humanity. Terra Firma is about the awakening of the protagonist and the moments before it takes flight.

Brave New World/reimagined
Brave New World is an original experimental short film production written and directed by Nicholas Johnson in collaboration with the Wichita State University Media Resource Center Video Services, Shocker Film Studio and the School of Performing Arts Dance Program. Combining film with Dance and Physical Theatre, this experimental film will, inspired by the book by Aldous Huxley, examine the effects of a future conformist society when confronted by the behavior of an outcast individualist.

Welcome to this spooky world where you will witness the difficult awakening of a sheep-headed office worker into modern life.
Indeed, as for millions of people, every morning is for him a real torture.
Discover the imaginary world of this man who painfully returns to his tiny house by bending down to get his various little accessories that will punctuate his morning routine with his ups and downs until, finally, his departure for work…
What drives him to go to work? The habit ? The money? The desire to consume like everyone else?

Trapped on a boat, a woman is haunted by fear itself.

A man who loves me.
Who hasn’t dreamed of killing their spouse at least once in their lifetime ? 20 years later, will she her dream come true? Beneath an air of parody, this film raises the problem of psychological violence. Just how far can we bear this violence, that on a daily basis, demeans, humiliates and makes us guilty? The victim then changes personality and transforms from sadness to madness. This film is a cathartic remedy! Do not try to reproduce at home!
Qui n’a pas rêvé de tuer son conjoint une fois dans sa vie? Alors au bout de 20 ans, va-t-elle réaliser son rêve? Sous ses airs de comédie parodique, ce film soulève le problème de la violence psychologique. Jusqu’à quel point peut-on supporter cette violence anodine, quotidienne qui rabaisse, humilie, culpabilise? La victime change alors de personnalité, de la tristesse jusqu’à devenir folle. Ce film est un remède cathartique! A ne pas reproduire chez soi!
When a college girl bumps into three vampires eager to drink her blood, she convinces them to delay feasting on her and try a new, non-bloody diet instead.

While on patrol, Border Patrol Agent Manny Bonilla makes a grisly discovery. But has someone – or something – led him to it?

Lost Prayers
Ana, a young woman with an emo or punk or dark appearance or something similar, with a taste for domination and submission, when an unexpected storm breaks out has to spend part of the night accompanied by her boyfriend in a workshop for the restoration of religious articles in the who has just found a job, but a series of traumatic events, including a threat that a client previously sentenced her, make her imagine that the sculptures of Saints, Virgins and Angels judge her for her appearance and unbridled sexual life, until go crazy and believe that a guardian angel kills her boyfriend with his sword.
Ana, una joven de apariencia emo o punk o dark o algo parecido, con gusto por la dominación y sumisión, al desatarse una inesperada tormenta tiene que librar parte de la noche acompañada por su novio en un taller de restauración de artículos religiosos en el que recién acaba de encontrar trabajo, pero una serie de hechos traumatizantes, incluida una amenaza que previamente le sentenció una clienta, la hacen imaginar que las esculturas de los Santos, Vírgenes y Ángeles, la juzgan por su apariencia y desenfrenada vida sexual, hasta el punto de enloquecer y creer que un ángel guardián mata a su novio con su espada.
Out of her shadow
Ana recoils from the idea of a conference on female sexuality, but she could not possibly imagine the impact that this conference will have on her search for her identity.
Ana ne prend pas son pied depuis qu’elle est en couple avec Victor et n’arrive pas à percer l’abcès. Pourtant ils s’aiment. Les fantasmes d’Ana, longtemps enfouis, prennent le dessus et deviennent omniprésents, frôlant le fantastique. Le barrage de sa réalité est prêt à céder…
Don’t Be Afraid
Hank (Ben Cable) and his son Ben (Cristopher Michael Rose) have a heart-to-heart talk about an upcoming protest. 

Dream State : Lucid Dream 
In a lucid dream, the dreamer is guided by strange beings, visits strange places, and meets strange characters

Mister Anyone
The sensitive Ilias, works in a Parisian theatre, living in his own reality. The love not reciprocated for the young actress Capucine will open up his eyes about his true talent.
Situé dans un théâtre-péniche sur la rive gauche de la Seine, le surréel théâtre flottant Metamorphosis, Monsieur Quiconque parle d’amour sincère mais pas vraiment réciproque et de tous les traits qui représentent pleinement l’humain : la fragilité, la rage, la passion, la paresse.  Nous sommes bercés par les vagues dans un monde suspendu entre réalité et fantaisie. Une fable moderne, accompagnée par une musique suave et par le rythme et la poésie des paroles de Beckett, dont la comédie radiophonique « Musique et paroles » est adaptée et mise en scène.
The Rock of Ages
A soldier, which army, which era, unclear. What’s clear is the evil he’s done. Faced with his impending mortality, he fears being judged in the afterlife. Only immortality will do. He meets a talking rock who promises just that – but he’ll first have to face his fiendish deeds…

Find me
Emel(23), who constantly sees herself in 1800s London and always with the same people in her dreams, becomes obsessed with her dreams. She goes to London under the pretext of an English course to research these people.
  On the night of her first day in London, she learns the truth. In her dreams, she sees the life she lived before. The whole truth is told to her by her age-old love, Jack. Jack is a vampire. Emel’s previous name is Emily. Emily died at the age of 23 from a potion. But thanks to this magical potion, she will be born again after a century has passed. Jack searches for her all his life and finally learns that she was born in Istanbul named Emel. Emel, the reincarnation of Emily, who died with the potion of a witch named Adele, remembers her previous life by getting help again from Adele.  
  Jack and Emel go to Paris to meet Gregoire, who turned Jack into a vampire and whom he calls my father. But Greg says he needs Emel’s blood in a ritual to resurrect his wife Beatrice, who died 500 years ago. Emel agrees, even though Jack doesn’t want to. Before Adele’s spell, Adele makes Emel drink vampire blood. The magic is done, but it doesn’t work. Meanwhile, Emel dies and comes back to life as a vampire.

The Woman from the end of the seas
1901: The press reveals the first pictures of an unknown part of the seas. After weeks of wandering, a team of explorers arrives at an unknown land. The latest news would report a stunning discovery: that of a half-nymph, half-magician ghost. From this creature, a myth was born which was called “The woman from the end of the seas”. Unless it’s just a legend. The illusion of the century! Who knows…

The story plunges us into a fairground universe close to pre-cinema era. A short format, on the border between the music video and the trailer.
1901 : La presse révèle les premiers clichés d’une partie méconnue des mers. Après des semaines d’errance, il semble qu’une équipe d’explorateurs soit parvenue à une contrée inconnue. Les dernières nouvelles feraient état d’une découverte stupéfiante : celle d’un spectre mi-nymphe, mi-magicienne. De cette créature, on fit un mythe que l’on appela “La femme du bout de l’eau”. À moins qu’il ne s’agisse que d’une légende. L’illusion du siècle ! Allez savoir…

L’histoire nous plonge dans un univers forain proche de celui du pré-cinéma. Un format court, à la frontière entre le clip musical et la bande-annonce.
Leopard Heels
A job interview turns sinister when misogyny and malice constrict around Renée Hart. Is it a career opening, or the venomous jaws of a trap?

A short biopic of Judith Kerr, author of the children’s classic ‘The Tiger Who Came To Tea’, who was just your regular Nazi-fleeing, Blitz-dodging best-selling author. 

A romantic comedy about the invention of football – on the rooftops of Renaissance Italy!

In a video message, a social media acolyte invites other women to have sex with her boyfriend, but only if they film their review after.
A game of power dynamics intertwines the lives of several amused participants, then the videos leak and those lives are forever changed, destroyed, or ended.

Betur sjá augu (See No Evil)
Betur sjá augu (See No Evil) is about isolated people yearning for human contact and connection. Their search leads them to the discovery of something new and unexpected within themselves.

The Masked Service
A man arrives at an inn deep in the woods where all the waiters are masked. The owner of the place seems to have a strong influence on the customers. Something strange is happening here.
Un homme se retrouve dans une auberge au fond des bois où tous les serveurs sont masqués. Le maitre des lieux semble avoir une forte influence sur les clients. Quelque chose d’étrange se passe ici.
A man, a woman, a payback.
Un homme, une femme, une vengeance.
3 guys 1 red bed
3 young people meet for the first time after answering an advertisement to star in what is supposed to be a porn movie…

Madame Hilton
Following the death of her father, Mrs. Hilton organizes, with the help of her “family”, his funeral. After a phase of doubts concerning the organization of the ceremony, the procession arrives finally and announces the beginning of the ceremony.
Suite au décès de son père, Madame Hilton organise, avec l’aide de sa « famille », son enterrement. Après une phase de doutes concernant l’organisation de la cérémonie, le cortège arrive enfin et annonce le début de la cérémonie.
The Sword That Waits
A surreal dream-like impression of High School, and the inherent horror absurdity in these american public education institutions. Symbols of obsolescence and militaristic propaganda are juxtaposed over decaying school architecture, flavored with a moldy psychedelia. An abstracted floating tour through the campus of dead ideas. Patriarchy spectacularly crumbles under it’s own rotten bankruptcy.

Set in a not too distant future small town, a VR life simulation junkie goes on a mission in reality to get a new dopamine game cartridge before she goes through happiness withdrawal.

The Oracles 
The Oracles of North, East, South and West came together for this Plastic Purification Ritual.  At this sacred spot where the four corners meet they conjured up the Oracle of The Future who brought a grave message to our plastic-filled world.  These earth priests and priestesses are here to remind us of where we are headed if our plastic-consuming world doesn’t change its ways, soon.  By coming together in ritual, these all-seeing beasts are combining their energies to create a warning for this who will listen.  The threat of course, is those who refuse to follow their cautionary tale.…

House of the Unholy
A bloodthirsty Princess puts out a bounty to hunt down the last of the Indigo Elf tribe. She is on a quest to attain a magical elixir that’s hidden in his heart .
The elixir will grant her the powers to reign over the Kingdom for an Eternity.

“In the shadow” special edition. (English subtitles)
A fantasy film noir with shadows.
 A shadow is telling its life story with his “Wearer”, a flesh and bone double, who one day it decides to get rid of…
Un film noir fantastique avec des ombres. 
Une ombre raconte sa vie avec son “Portant”, ce double de chair et de sang, qu’elle décide un jour d’éliminer…
The Whispering Chimeras
Several inhabitants of the same suburban residence see their destinies indirectly linked to each other by a macabre common point, while a strange woman, all dressed in red, interferes among them and insidiously plunge their lives into chaos.

Without knowing it, for RUBEN, MARLA, ESTHER, MATHILDE, JEANNE and Doctor BÉRÉNICE WELFING, time is running out now.

And it’s just the beginning of this tragic race…
Sans le savoir, plusieurs habitants d’une même résidence de banlieue vont voir leurs destins indirectement liés entre eux par un macabre point commun, alors qu’une étrange femme toute vêtue de rouge s’insinue parmi eux et va insidieusement plonger leur vie dans le chaos.

Ainsi, pour RUBEN, MARLA, ESTHER, MATHILDE, JEANNE et le Docteur BÉRÉNICE WELFING, le temps est désormais compté.

Et la course contre la montre ne fait que s’enclencher…
Siege of Paris
Siege of Paris is a live-action short film inspired by Ubisoft Entertainment’s award-winning video game franchise Assassins Creed. Siege of Paris is a prequel/origin story for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s third expansion, The Siege of Paris.

War is a fire that just needs a spark. It’s 885 AD and the kingdoms of Francia have been united for the first time in a century. Charles the Fat, great-grandson of Charlemagne currently wages a slow war against the Viking settlers in Francia. If he is not stopped, soon he will turn his eyes to England.  Legendary Viking clan chief Eivor Varrinsdottir has been sent for in the hopes she can help the settlers fight back and protect their people.

My muse
Rose, a young actress at Cours Florent, has trouble freeing herself to imagine an address on the set. Her disability reminds her that she is not free to move. During the break, an encounter will open up his imagination.
Rose, jeune comédienne au cours Florent, peine à se libérer pour s’imaginer une adresse sur le plateau. Son handicap lui rappelle qu’elle n’est pas libre de tout mouvement.
Lors de la pause, une rencontre lui fera ouvrir son imaginaire.
The Disappearance of Eve
Eva and Sofia, two teenage friends, meet again after eighteen years.

Behind their backs looms a traumatic past when Eva disappears at the age of sixteen, without giving any sign of life until now.

Eva, unsure of her own memories and of herself, decides to accept Sofia’s invitation to her cabin in the mountains, so that together they can try to reconstruct their past and what happened.

A third and mysterious presence will accompany them on their journey, unbeknownst to them until the final act. These three characters will make a strange journey through fiction and memory in search of Eva’s identity.
Eva y Sofía, dos amigas de la adolescencia, se reencuentran después de dieciocho años. A sus espaldas se cierne un pasado traumático cuando Eva desaparece a los dieciséis años, sin volver a dar señales de vida hasta ahora. Eva, insegura de sus propios recuerdos y de sí misma, decide acceder a la invitación de Sofía a su cabaña en la montaña, para juntas intentar reconstruir su pasado y lo que sucedió. Una tercera y misteriosa presencia las acompañará en su recorrido, sin que ellas lo sepan hasta el acto final. Estos tres personajes realizarán un extraño viaje a través de la ficción y el recuerdo en busca de la identidad de Eva. 
Morto Rossa (english sub)
A dance school organizes a mysterious casting to select a dancer for a future show. Suzie, after passing the audition, will be chosen as the lucky one.

Une école de danse organise un mystérieux casting dans le but de sélectionner une danseuse pour un futur spectacle de danse. Suzie, après avoir passé le casting, sera choisie comme l’heureuse élue.
A production line is one that runs machines day in and day out. An unexpected journey, the order begins to disintegrate step by step. It makes the protagonist unconsciously begin to reflect on the mechanical work of the factory. 
Finally, he decided to escape this boring life like a dead end.

Kobe lived alone on the doomsday earth. One day, he met a robot, and they lived together from then on; they started a journey, and finally, the robot sacrificed himself to help Kirby return to his homeland.

An award-winning sushi chef is out of desperation to serve the crude puffer fish. Puffer fish do not know how to appreciate food and art at all, they only know how to gobble it up. One day, his knife broke down, he bought a magical high-tech knife. The robot will fly out of the knife to help him handle the ingredients, the robot quickly finished cutting the ingredients, but the blade turned to the puffer fish …

The Blue Drum
A woman mourning her father’s passing is tormented by memories of a mother she never knew. A presence reveals secrets hidden within her family home. 

Part of NALIP’s Women of Color Incubator sponsored by Netflix.

Ahriman: Death Before Dying
“Ahriman: Death Before Dying” is a journey through time that follows a tainted soul as it experiences three different reincarnations. 

The benevolent spirit, Spenta-Mainyu navigates through each lifetime, trying to protect the soul from the destructive influence of Ahriman. 

The first lifetime belongs to Perseus, the Greek demigod, who must overcome temptation to prove his worth. The second lifetime the soul is reborn as King Cyrus the Great, who is struggling to make sense of the visions that haunt him. The final lifetime is that of Nima, an ex-soldier in Amsterdam struggling with mental illness from his service in Iraq. 

Throughout the story, Spenta-Mainyu uses his strength to protect the soul from Ahriman’s influence. Will he be successful, or will he ultimately face his own downfall?

The Door in the Mirror
A couple buys an old house and discovers a mysterious door that’s only visible in the reflection of a mirror.

The Return
After a bitter family row, a mother goes missing at the same time a UFO appears in the skies. When she mysteriously returns home after a twenty-year absence, her daughter must atone for her cruelty, heal the pain she caused – and let her mother go back to wherever she came from.

Directed, shot, and performed solely by Jonathon Kimble, “Metamorphosis” was filmed during the COVID lockdown of Spring/Summer 2020 in Toledo, Ohio. A man is quarantined alone in his house while his wife is intubated in an ICU. As his whole world is reduced to being trapped inside of his own small house, a malevolent entity seems to be trying to force itself in.

Naia is a fairy girl whose parents are  great doctors. One day ,the royal advisor visit their clinic to ask to cure the Queen’s unknown illness.

The Night Jaguar
Inspired by true events in Mexico, and by the Mayan legend of a shapeshifting Night Jaguar, this short film is at once an erotic fever-dream and an anti-patriarchal allegory.  Guadalajara and Tulum are the backdrop for a doomed four-way relationship, framed by shared lust for prestige and carnal delight. In this post-modern telling of The Night Jaguar legend, we join two couples, one American, one Mexican, both addicted to fame and power, as fools’ gold seduces them all.  Their penchant for Faustian transactions invokes the anger of the gods, where the price of art becomes the soul itself.

Inspirado en hechos reales en México y en la leyenda Maya de un Jaguar Nocturno que cambia de forma, este cortometraje es a la vez un sueño erótico y una alegoría antipatriarcal. Guadalajara y Tulum son el telón de fondo de una relación de cuatro vías condenada al fracaso, enmarcada por la lujuria compartida por el prestigio y el deleite carnal. En esta narración posmoderna de la leyenda del Jaguar Nocturno, nos unimos a dos parejas, una estadounidense y una mexicana, ambas adictas a la fama y el poder, mientras el oro de los tontos los seduce a todos. Su inclinación por las transacciones faustianas invoca la ira de los dioses, donde el precio del arte se convierte en el alma misma.
A man, kidnapped to another world discovers that he has the power to stop battles by simply commanding them to stop. 

A rising young rock star strikes out for a remote country in search of inspiration, only to discover that she has been called there by a centuries-old horror that threatens to use her gifts to end her life and take over the world.

Discovering a derelict NASA space capsule floating in the middle of the Pacific ocean, a disillusioned Air Force pilot and his family fight for their lives against a covert military force bent on retrieving the astronauts and their other-worldly payload.

Behind closed doors, Juan lives their fantasies through Elise, with an intense and strange fascination. While Elise and Marius are flirting during a night out with friends. Juan is drawn into the introspection of a wicked game, and must regain control of their body to access their desires.

Trouble House
At a fantastic market where one’s troubles can be exchanged for someone else’s, a man fights to get his old life back until a woman helps him learn to love the chaos.

” Silence lay steadily against the wood and stone (…), and whatever walked there, walked alone. “
Shirley Jackson

Locked in since ever, exiled forever – In the in-between of anywhere, a form wanders aimlessly, cut from any companionship or hope.
What will be the meaning of finally being freed ?
” Le silence régnait dans la demeure et l’être qui y marchait, y marchait seul. “
Shirley Jackson

L’enfermement depuis toujours, l’exil à jamais – dans un lieux hors de tout, une forme ère sans but, sans compagnie, sans espoir.
Quelle sera la signification du moment où enfin, on viendra la chercher ? 
Fear Incarnate
To protect his family, a teenage boy musters incredible courage to confront his greatest fear, manifested in physical form before him as a terrifying spirit known only as – The Beast.

A man is renovating an old building he has just bought. He faces a series of strange events. He thinks he has found the house of his life, but a presence already seems to inhabit the place.

After dawn
Alice and Albert, a couple of young retirees, live a secluded life in their lakeside home. One day, a mysterious man comes out of the water and hides in their shed. Who is this man who remains silent and hidden? What does he want? Albert anticipates inevitable drama while Alice begins to plunge into a strange affair binding her with the stranger.

In the Badlands of South Dakota a family awaken an ancient evil and call on an ancient good to help them survive; but which is which? 

The Strange Untried
A once renowned painter on the verge of homelessness must face his fear of the outside world and confront his failures as an artist with only a hardheaded chicken and a hostile potato to help him along.

That Cold Dead Look In Your Eyes
Leonard and Marie were very much in love once.
Not anymore. She wants him out of her apartment
by the time she gets back from her trip to
Stockholm. But Leonard doesn’t have many
options. He’s a mediocre line cook at a struggling
restaurant. During her trip, Marie’s father Dennis
comes to stay in her apartment. He was a popular
photographer at one time but now finds himself
treading water in an ocean of irrelevance. Can
Dennis turn his career around? He’s not a fan of
Leonard and Leonard’s not a fan of his. Things are
about to get tense and weird. Meanwhile, there
are mysterious black boxes popping up all over the
city. No one knows where they came from or what
they’re for, but their presence seems suspiciously
Leonard is about to lose his girlfriend, home and job. Upon that, he’s having strange hallucinations. Is it stress or an after effect of new technology installed all over the city? He must figure it out or he’ll be trapped in this nightmare forever.
The Murderbot Diaries
On a distant alien planet, a security “construct” (half human, half robot) must decide between saving its clients from certain death or hiding out in safety watching its entertainment feed and an uncertain rescue.

Fairy Story 
When a mysterious man only she can see begins causing uncanny disturbances, Meredith must convince her tattoo artist to finish what she started in order to break a spell with life-changing consequences.

A boy learns the worth of family with help from his Shetland Pony and a little universal magic.

Little Yellow Flower
Photo Retoucher A-nan returns to the old house that saddens him. The eerily beautiful yellow flowers on the loofah trellis attract a whole nest of ants. As a child, A-nan accidentally killed all these yellow flowers when spraying insecticide on them to kill the ants. In a rage, his father beat him lame. This caused a lifelong conflict between them. The elderly and paralyzed father, now wrapped in diapers and covered with ants, evokes the painful memories of A-nan’s youth. A-nan sprays and kills the ants again. But how will A-nan unravel this knotted relationship with his father, entangled for so many years? How will he restore the loving beauty of the yellow flowers that once bloomed in the courtyard?

Subject 26
The script focuses on two siblings fighting against each other and people around them to become the next God, but it is soon shown that the present God is just as corrupt as some of the humans that are trying to replace him.

A short film about the the longing for unknown, sometimes made up places.

As Scared As You
A twenty-something male “drifter” antihero, and a young blind woman become caged prisoners at a bed and breakfast in small-town northern California, where the drifter’s violent, malignant actions prior, push a group of malicious locals– along with their two animalistic, basement-held zombified residents, dressed as a dog and a clown– to seek vengeance.

The Island 
The Island is a horror short about Zora, a young black woman, who discovers that her father has been murdered during her family’s luxury vacation in Caribbean. Suddenly the vacation they are on becomes increasingly sinister and Zora doesn’t know who to trust outside of her family, especially the hotel owner Martisha, the person responsible for Maurice’s death. With the help of her surviving family members, Zora must save herself from dying at the hands of the beautiful, Martisha and avoid the mythical obstacles throughout the island. During this journey, Zora learns that she is even more powerful than she thought.

Mother Tongue
Grace has always harboured resentment towards her mother for abandoning her.  After years of avoidance, Grace returns to her childhood home for answers when her daughter starts to exhibit unusual behaviour.  But, the confrontation doesn’t go as Grace imagined and she comes to understand her mother had a story she never knew.  A fever dream exploring the effects of immigration on families and their relationships.    

A New Believer/ Refound Faith
About  Mia, a 12 year old girl, and  a very strong Christian her dad, late 30’s early 40s James Smith, who was once a church loving child himself until his mother passed away from cancer when he was 12. Leaving him to live with his new found alcoholic father who also stopped in his belief after his other son Donald, was killed in an accident. Neither father nor son couldn’t understand how a loving God could allow such things to happen to them, and so they fell out of the life as a believer, always searching for answers he could not find on his own….until.

First Time
A short philosophical debate some 300 years into the future from today.

Long Lankin

Here the mistral blows hard
It all started with one voice… The voice of this sensual woman who confides in her dictaphone and takes us on an unfiltered road movie evoking her most intimate thoughts. Romance, Erotic, Drama, Poetic, Oneirism.

Tout est parti d’une voix… La voix  de cette femme sensuelle qui se confie à son dictaphone et nous embarque sans filtre dans un road movie   évoquant ses pensées les plus intimes. Romance, Érotique, Poétique, Onirique. 

99 Moons
Bigna, a twenty eight year old scientist, is used to having everything under control, even her erotic desires always follow rules. Thirty three year old Frank searches for meaning in a haze of drugs, feeding on other people’s affection . Their different worlds collide, and they become obsessively entwined in a passionate affair. 

Bigna, sismologue de 28 ans, veut tout contrôler, jusqu’à ses jeux érotiques où elle domine ses partenaires. Frank, 33 ans, travaille de nuit dans des clubs où il s’évade dans les paradis artificiels et les relations sans lendemain. Ces deux mondes que tout oppose entrent en collision, puis s’unissent, entre attraction sexuelle et désir de liberté, déclenchant une folle histoire d’amour qui s’égrène sur 99 lunes.
Bigna, sismologue de 28 ans, veut tout contrôler, jusqu’à ses jeux érotiques où elle domine ses partenaires. Frank, 33 ans, travaille de nuit dans des clubs où il s’évade dans les paradis artificiels et les relations sans lendemain. Ces deux mondes que tout oppose entrent en collision, puis s’unissent, entre attraction sexuelle et désir de liberté, déclenchant une folle histoire d’amour qui s’égrène sur 99 lunes.
Save the Watermelon
The world’s best gamer tests out a new video game. But everything might not bee what it seems.

Slave (Screenplay)
When Tina-7X4 walks out of Slave Corp Head Office,  Steven, a systems engineer, and Fredrica take her to a maverick priest for an upgrade.  They are then caught up in her bid for freedom.

A therapist treats an unstable young woman who claims to be harassed by an assortment of malevolent spirits – who seem to want something from her.

A moth follows a warm glow, and moves through a surreal landscape towards a final metamorphosis, culminating from love, tragedy and visceral desire. 

Candy Puppet
DUNN shops at a candy store while Raquel, the clerk, is mostly talking on the phone, about store numbers. In the middle of shopping, Dunn eats the candy, which awakens MAILO, a magician mime who comes from the world of darkness. He shows up at the store to take control of Dunn’s body and trap her inside a puppet body. Mailo walks out of the store with the candy bag, transformed into Dunn, leaving her behind. Her soul in the infinite darkness inside the body of a puppet that someone else can control.

The Fork in the Road
The film mostly follows a boy who is escaping within himself. He is caught up in fantasies in the woodland that reflect the trials he faces in the real world.  As these occur, there are glimpses of his parallel life in the real world, experiences of the boy who chose not to follow the path less travelled, but to return home to an uncomfortable situation. It is a coming of age fairy story that has some gripping episodes, where an audience will feel pity and fear for the survival of the twin protagonists and ultimately delight as all is resolved.

Not a long time ago
I’m Marcus Gunther. I am a visual artist from Germany. My artistic work includes painting, linocut, video clips and since 2022 also animation.

I have completed training as a plasterer and stage painter. I worked as a painter at the Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus, for national and international film and television productions. I have been living and working as a freelance artist in Düsseldorf since 2000.

Science fiction, fantasy and horror films influenced all of my work from an early age, but I’m a complete novice when it comes to the animated film genre. I made everything myself because my premise is…just do it yourself.

My animated film “not a long time ago” is about my own creation myth. The origin of this work lies in my early childhood imagination of falling to earth and then absorbing the world around me. Coupled with all the clichés of myths and other formative audiovisual experiences I’ve saved from childhood to this day. My animated film was created from the selection and combination of precisely these perceptions.

I experience various adventures together with a stocked hybrid of blobfish and ostrich. There are diabolical, tragicomic, but also poetic moments that take place in my world. Sometimes humorous and sometimes with a bitter undertone. Fictional galaxies from a distant past or future pass us by.
My snapshots are always evidence of my own inner quarry, on which bodies, lines and surfaces of imaginary dream worlds are depicted. Whether utopia or anti-utopia, places and worlds are imagined in which fiction always meets social reality. Felt similar to the scenes we encounter in my animated film “not a long time ago”.

Similar to Aldous Huxley and Thomas More, none of my landscapes can be localized. And why should I? They are my virtual mind games, fed by the visual and acoustic environment that surrounds me every day. Be it real, media or hallucinatory in nature. I combine and assemble fragments from various sources (Internet, newspapers, etc.) to create my own world, in which the seemingly banal and unnoticed acquire a new, spun existence.
Ich bin Marcus Günther. Ich bin ein bildender Künstler aus Deutschland. Meine künstlerische Arbeit umfasst Malerei, Linolschnitt, Videoclips und seit 2022 auch Animation.

Ich habe eine abgeschlossene Ausbildung als Stuckateur und Bühnenmaler. Ich arbeitete als Maler am Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus und für nationale und Internationale Film- und Fernsehproduktionen. Seit 2000 lebe und arbeite ich als freier bildender Künstlerin in Düsseldorf.

Schon früh beeinflussten auch Science-Fiction-, Fantasy-, Horror- und Animationsfilme meine gesamte Arbeit, aber im Genre des Animationsfilms, bin ich ein absoluter Neuling. Alles habe ich selbstgemacht, da meine Premisse lautet…mache es einfach selbst.

Mein Animationsfilm “vor nicht allzu langer Zeit” handelt von meinem eigenen Schöpfungsmythos. Der Ursprung dieser Arbeit liegt in meiner frühkindlichen Vorstellung, auf die Erde zu fallen und dann die Welt um mich herum aufzunehmen. Gepaart mit all den Clichees von Mythen, und anderen prägenden audiovisuellen Erfahrungen, die ich von meiner Kindheit an, bis heute gespeichert habe. Aus der Auswahl und Kombination genau dieser Wahrnehmungen entstand mein Animationsfilm. 

Gemeinsam mit einem bestrumpften Hybrid aus Blobfisch und Strauß erlebe ich diverse Abenteuer. Es gibt diabolische, tragikomische, aber auch poetische Momente, die sich in meiner Welt abspielen. Mal humorvoll und mal mit bitterem Unterton. Es ziehen fiktive Galaxien aus einer fernen Vergangenheit oder Zukunft an uns vorbei. 
Meine Schnappschüsse sind immer auch Zeugnisse meines eigenen inneren Steinbruchs, auf denen sich Körper, Linien und Flächen imaginärer Traumwelten abbilden. Ob Utopie oder Anti-Utopie, imaginiert werden Orte und Welten, in denen Fiktion immer auch auf gesellschaftliche Wirklichkeit trifft. Gefühltermaßen vergleichbar mit den Szenen denen wir in meinem Animationsfilm „Vor nicht allzu langer Zeit“ begegnen.

Ähnlich wie bei Aldous Huxley und Thomas Morus läßt sich keine meiner Landschaften konkret verorten. Warum auch, sind es doch meine virtuellen Gedankenspiele, gespeist aus dem visuellen sowie akustischen Umfeld, das mich tagtäglich umgibt. Sei es wirklicher, medialer oder halluzinatorischer Art. Ich kombiniere und montiere Bruchstücke aus vielerlei Quellen (Internet, Zeitungen, usw.) zu mmeiner Welt, in denen scheinbar Banales und Unbeachtetes eine neue, ersponnene Existenz erhält.
Tiny Dreams
Enter the world of tiny dreams. Tiny dreams that repeat. Tiny dreams that take you nowhere. Tiny dreams where you are real.

Waters Fall
Snatched from the sacred waterfall in the heart of Eirem, Liobhan the priestess must face her execution at the hands of the warrior Eoghan. He has galvanized her villagers against her, branded her witch, and now her connection to the goddess, and the magic that comes with that, is failing too. Can she tap into the power of the waterfall to save herself and her village from her foe?

At the Water’s Edge
In a dystopian, anonymous city, a young woman negotiates with the ruthless local kingpin to escape her dehumanizing existence, as they both hide sinister intentions and secret connections.
Remains of a life
Emrys is going to commit the irreparable.
He interrupts his race, frank, and is about to sink when, in a fraction of a second, he finds himself propelled in « The Meeting Place », a phantasmagorical place where Rena is waiting for him. This indefinable woman will have to help him to get rid of his old patterns that haunt him.
Through flashbacks, collective vestiges and individual consciousness will have to meet in this space of « transition » to evolve. From questioning to understanding there is only one race. From then on, a choice is imposed to Emrys. It cannot be otherwise.
Emrys est sur le point de commettre l’irréparable.
Il interrompt sa course nette et s’apprête à sombrer quand, dans une fraction de seconde, il se retrouve comme propulsé dans « Le Lieu de Rencontres », un lieu fantasmagorique où l’attend Rena. Cette femme indéfinissable devra l’aider à se défaire de ses anciens schémas qui le hantent.
À travers des flashbacks, vestiges collectifs et conscience individuelle devront alors se rencontrer dans cet espace de «transition» pour évoluer. De l’interrogation à la compréhension il n’y a qu’une course.
Dès lors, un choix s’impose à Emrys. Il ne peut en être autrement.
In The Company of Friends
While wandering through an art gallery on a painfully mediocre date, a girl is transported into a Renoir painting where she meets its lively characters. She must now decide whether to return to reality or not.

Chris, a paranoid and self-centered man, is happily avoiding all human contact, preferring to escape from reality in whatever’s on TV. When a friend reaches out to him to confront him about his past promises, Chris has to decide what kind of person he is inside, or it may just eat him…alive.

Mist. Dust. A bowling alley in the crosshair of a thunderstorm. A pregnant woman, a businessman and a widower find shelter in its midst. Pins are knocked down until gloomy moths kindle an outage.
Brouillard. Poussière. Un salon de quilles en proie d’un orage. Une jeune femme enceinte, un homme d’affaires et un aîné y sont engouffrés. Seulement, des papillons concoctent une panne d’électricité.
End of Scene
When a jaded housewife realizes that her house is keeping her and her husband stuck in a repeating scene from the 1950s, she fights to awaken her husband from a mysterious trance so they can outsmart the house and escape before they forget who they really are and get stuck in the obsolete scene forever.

Where the Robot Things Are
“Where the Robot Things Are” is a love story between a rat and a robot who connect after they are sent to find a path through a land mine field to save a group of people have been trapped, run out of water, and driven mad.

The Vessel
A historical-fantasy anthology comprised of four stories. Four people linked by the same ancient Greek drinking cup: a museum curator battling sexual harassment; a 19th-century archaeologist in an unrequited love affair; an Athenian potter struggling to realise his artistic goals; a weaver in a mythic past. 

Each segment of The Vessel is tonally different, from noirish nightmare to tragicomedy to Pythonesque comedy to a raw and elemental silent film. But flowing backwards through time, it examines the exploitation of storytelling and myth by the powerful.  Ultimately tracing it to that most turbulent of sources: the relationship between men and women. 

While rooted in classical times, The Vessel engages with ideas of cultural imperialism and gender that are alive and the subject of fierce debate today.

Behind the Pink Mind
Sharon is happy to marry the man of her life, but is afraid to commit to the narrow fidelity he demands. To open his mind and navigate her dilemma, she will be inspired by a married couple with whom she fantasizes…

Grimoire Vol. 1
A broken lone gunslinger hunts the creature responsible for the death of his wife and children with the help of an ancient magical Grimoire.

In the late 22nd century, a queer Indian-American man uses psychedelic science to lead humanity to its new interstellar home, but must first confront his past after finding out a secret from Earth involving his estranged mother and her mass ritual suicide cult.