Selections 2022

Out of Competition

Poster Love by Gaspard Noe


Murphy is an American living in Paris who enters a highly sexually and emotionally charged relationship with the unstable Electra. Unaware of the seismic effect it will have on their relationship, they invite their pretty neighbor into their bed.


The Rocker and the Puca by Trevor Courtney

The Rocker and the Puca

A Teenage busker Jack is driving the locals mad because he plays only one tune. So, when a shape-shifting trickster known as ‘Puca’ appears and promises Jack a cap full of coins in exchange for playing a single gig, Jack can’t say no.

Triskelion by Jessica Raes


A Celtic fairy tale in stop-motion animation filled with adventure and magic. A story about tribal war and finding peace: An arrow from a rival tribe pierces the chieftain’s heart. With his dying breath, he gives his daughter the quest to end this senseless feud.

Poster Sina ma Tinirau by Vilsoni Tausie Hereniko

Sina ma Tinirau 

When a prince is cursed to become an eel and has to win the love of a beautiful woman to become human again, he gifts her with his body in the form of a coconut palm tree in a seductive display. Set on Rotuma in Fiji, this classic tale of unconditional love is given new

Poster Absence


This film focus on self-identity. The education stage is the important period for children to define themselves.

 Dan Frick’s “Trying for the Moon” 

A stop-motion music video based on the small artist Dan Frick’s original song. Two young lovers sail quietly over the still ocean. They are beckoned to an enchanted island by distant lights and the sounds of music.


Poster SubSpace Sanctuary - L’Albatrice

SubSpace Sanctuary

This short movie is a romance, a fiction of a real BDSM live acting role play BDSM called “SubSpace”. This takes place in a religious setting, the Sanctuary. Each year, disciples and priestesses of a gynarchic cult celebrate the little death, that of enjoyment, and the renewal, that of Kernunos. During this night, where the

Poster Extasium - a Doorway to Paradise by Guilhem Bertrand, Quentin Bruet-Ferréol

Extasium – a Doorway to Paradise

In the secrecy of a Parisian building, for half a century, an outsider artist has built a machine that has the alleged power of invoking God at will. Every night, his creation plunges him into a powerful ecstasy. A religious and sexual trance.Revealing a new outsider artist to the world, this documentary follows him for

Feature Fiction

Poster The Berlin Bride - Michael Bartlett

The Berlin Bride

A near-silent tale inspired by the silent film era, the writings of Poe and the German fantasist E.T.A Hoffmann. Two oddball Berliners discover individually the parts of a department store mannequin in a city park occupied by nude sunbathers. Under the mannequin’s spell, and with harrowing consequence, the men come to terms with their disjointed

Wulver_s Stane by Wulver_s Stane by Joseph Cornelison

Wulver’s Stane

Stoney Claire McKenzie, fighting to bury blood dreams and a grizzly past, builds herself a new life by hustling a mind-altering elixir.

Faggots by Dominik Wojciech Krawiecki, Patrycja Planik


The mysterious virus ‘Exit 884’ has decimated the human population and, for reasons unknown to science, has spared the lives of homosexual men only. Earth’s last surviving woman, Maria Magdalena Wysocka, commonly known as Pink Mama, activist of the Rainbow Over Nations movement, and acclaimed LGBT warrior, has passed away. Her death marks the beginning


Poster Courage by Malak Mroueh


Courage is comprised of eight poetic acts written by Dayna Ash that tackle identity, freedom, and being queer in the Middle East—where the dominating discourse aims to dim and erase their existence. The “closet” is portrayed as a labyrinth of societal norms and traditions that bodies must navigate to survive, rendering coming out and the

Poster Rupture Divinie by Malak Mroueh

Rupture Divine

Maya goes through electroshock conversion therapy and starts to hallucinate after her mother discovers her relationship with Dana.

Poster Son of A Dancerby Georges Hazim

Son of a Dancer

Majed, a 20-year-old man, is grieving the loss of his recently deceased mother. One day, he gets the shock of his life when he learns that she used to be a belly dancer. Torn between his relationship with his now-silent father, and Hanine, the woman who will help him overcome his grief; he takes a

Poster Belly Dance Vogue by Hadi Zeidan

Bellydance Vogue

Hadi’s birthday landed on the 3rd of April, 2020, during the lockdown, and for the first time, he celebrated it all by himself. 

Queens by Youssef Youssef


The queens Amber la Garce and Moon are getting ready for another big night out. They put on their make-up and clothes while chatting and gossiping. On the way to the club, they argue a lot and almost clash with a bunch of boys.

Short Fiction Drama

They breathe - John Fuentes

They breathe

Mr. Mothball and his unwanted bodyguard 6 PM have taken temporary shelter in a safe house on the second floor of an apartment building in a rundown section of town. They’re waiting for Sweetie to show up. Pinter meets Pirandello in this eerie tale of an old man’s frustration and a trio of lowlifes who

Poster Charter - Hnine El Houssine


Asso is a religious man in his forties, he’s an extremist. He loves his wife and his daughter but has to face the dilemma of choosing between his wife and the Islamic strict and extreme rules.

Poster Faith by Carol Butrón


When just a small child, Teresa has to face the disappearance of her best friend, Lucas. After many years and without having forgotten him, Teresa begins to have a hunch that Lucas is alive, but in another dimension. Little by little and guided by her own intuition, she will gradually unveil the path towards the

Poster Splendor by Maximilien Gomes


One night, in Samuel apartment, a lightbulb magically switch on. The object fascinates people around Samuel, it’s a miracle.

Poster Perfect Storm by Morag Brownlie

 Perfect Storm

During the perfect storm of the pandemic, the beauty of nature and the connectivity of humanity endures. On the wild west coast of Auckland ( New Zealand ), we follow one man’s enforced isolation. Pacing into the unknown, wondering if those dear to him, will ever be seen again.

Short Fiction Erotic

Poster to Nowhere - Pamela Nassour

 To Nowhere – Ila Haythou

Bringing into being another planet formed by astonishing landscapes, mysterious caves, and high mountains to get carried away to a world of the virgin territory of pure skin.

Short Fiction Fantasy

Poster Clearance by Sarower Reza Jimi

Clearance Sale

A man wants the last pair from a sale. There is a catch to getting it.

Poster Mara by Uisdean Murray

Mara: The Seal Wife

After giving birth to their child on a beach during the dead of night Sine runs into the darkness leaving her husband Magnus in a state of anguish. Journeying into the past we discover the answers behind Sine’s behaviour and witness the harrowing events that brought her into the realm of the selkie, mythological creatures

Poster Dark Vision by Rico Espinoza


Meek comic shop owner, Grant, learns that his new love, Amy, is actually a Demon refugee hiding on earth to escape an endless war between angels and demons. However, his best friend, Lucy, is secretly an exiled Celestial hunting renegade demon. It’s up to Grant to protect Amy and convince them all to work together

Poster Hot wool by Tony Olsen

Hot wool

Impoverished sheep-cocky Tom Collins has vivid reveries of breeding a race horse to win the Melbourne Cup. His wife Ngaire is obsessed with meeting The Queen on her latest royal tour. When supernatural lightning strikes the last of their flock and begets a golden fleece, the enchanted ram becomes the profitable answer to their dreams.Or

Poster LA mort sonnera deux fois by Christophe Beudet

The death will ring twice

On Halloween night, the grim reaper comes knocking on the door of a bourgeois family that everything opposes. After a technical incident, there are a few hours left to find who will die and prevent the fatal outcome.

Poster UNIQUE by Christophe Beudet


Lola meets her half-sister for the first time the day before their parents wedding and strange phenomena disrupt the evening…

Poster SAMHAIN by Christophe Beudet


On Halloween night, a group of friends decides to get revenge on an asshole ex who works in an amusement park in Brittany. Enclosed within the grounds of the park, they discover a Celtic tradition that celebrates life and death and where their lives are counted.

A Witcher's Tale, The Lost Souls by Gabriel Sengès

A Witcher’s Tale, The Lost Souls

A Witcher from the Bear School, named Chaim, finds himself facing the collateral damages of endless war, in a village abandoned by the Nilfgaardians, where a curse remains. This adventure will confront him about his past and his true nature.

Short Fiction Horror

Poster The Unlocking - Thomas Matthew Brush

The Unlocking

Elliot struggles with OCD, locking his door all night, every night. One night he decides to not lock the door and is horrified when he encounters a strange intruder.

Poster Overkill by Alex Montilla


‘OverKill’ is a film with a comedic take on a familiar setup: when too-woke-for-their-own-good college kids are terrorized by an unstoppable masked killer, the final girl must outsmart him to survive. Only in this movie, the killer literally cannot be stopped (or killed).

Short Fiction Sexual

Poster Execution - Tomas Sem Løkke-Sørensen


When a lonely man buys himself some company, his life is turned upside down.

Poster Backseat Driver by Jake Balfour-Lynn

 Backseat Driver

A cabbie navigates his way through another night of picking up kinky couples and small talk serpents.

Short Fiction Sci-Fi

surefficience : overefficiency - prandi joris


2030 a new world order has been established. The whole culture has been destroyed. Any form of art is strictly prohibited and punishable by law. Artists carry within them the last traces of world culture. They hide to escape the patrols of the new order.

Poster Fountain by Nik Fackler


Two teens in a rural town of the future experiment with a mysterious pill.

Poster Beneath by Morgan Le Faucheur


The film reveals the Cannes Underwater Museum by Jason de Caires Taylor through the legendary tale of the Man in the Iron Mask, who was detained in the royal prison of the Island of Sainte-Marguerite in Cannes during the 17th century.