Extasium - a Doorway to Paradise

Extasium - a Doorway to Paradise

Category: Documentary

In the secrecy of a Parisian building, for half a century, an outsider artist has built a machine that has the alleged power of invoking God at will. Every night, his creation plunges him into a powerful ecstasy. A religious and sexual trance.
Revealing a new outsider artist to the world, this documentary follows him for 2 years. His machine is impossible to move, which is quite a problem when you’re only a tenant. Today, his owner is trying everything to kick him out.

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About the director

Guilhem Bertrand, Quentin Bruet-Ferréol

Biography Quentin Bruet-Ferréol Author of an upcoming novel on a cult survivor, Quentin is a journalist who specialized in weird ideas and true crime. He founded the Tryangle, a website on bizarre and deviant practices, cults, and crimes - and, as a collector, he has a cabinet of curiosities of cults objects and magic. He wrote for Vice, Slate, and Europe 1. Guilhem Bertrand Director and editor based in Paris, a lover of the image, he makes videos for international brands and cultural institutions for years. Guilhem won the Four screens European Festival award for his short film filmed in Lebanon.