Perfect Storm

Perfect Storm

Category: Short Fiction Drama

During the perfect storm of the pandemic, the beauty of nature and the connectivity of humanity endures. On the wild west coast of Auckland ( New Zealand ), we follow one man’s enforced isolation. Pacing into the unknown, wondering if those dear to him, will ever be seen again.

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About the director

Morag Brownlie

Biography "Morag Magnolia shares an extraordinary vision both celebratory and profound” NZ HERALD Morag has shared her imaginative spirit, concepts, and striking visuals for film, television, fashion, and live events. Her work although unique has appealed to a broad and appreciative audience. Morag has written, directed, and produced three short films. She was nominated in the N.Z film awards for best contribution to short film as Director for "Mes Mer ... " "Mes Mer…" was accepted to Hof International film festival and was distributed throughout Europe for a decade with INTERFILM Berlin. Morag attended the Hawaii International film festival HIFF to present "Mes Mer..." Her short film Rover toured with the N.Z International film festival and screened in Germany. This film was self-produced and Morag didn't send it out further as a baby had arrived. This babe left home when her next work was born in 2020. "Perfect Storm" was made in and out of Lockdowns in New Zealand. It was inspired by the extraordinary situation and the response of our government to the pandemic. Morag worked as a principal choreographer, artistic director, and visuals director for the renowned World of Wearable art for most of 15 years. She was invited to be Artistic Director for both Team New Zealand's Americas Cup balls. “Brownlie must be our bravest, brightest and zaniest wunderkind whose imagination and talent weaves spectacular visions of dance, not quite dance creative film and original music with magical lighting and extravagant costumes” NZ HERALD