SubSpace Sanctuary - L’Albatrice

SubSpace Sanctuary - L’Albatrice

Category: Short Documentary Sexual

This short movie is a romance, a fiction of a real BDSM live acting role play BDSM called “SubSpace”. This takes place in a religious setting, the Sanctuary. Each year, disciples and priestesses of a gynarchic cult celebrate the little death, that of enjoyment, and the renewal, that of Kernunos. During this night, where the social defrocked are gradually withdrawn, expiation, sacrifice, initiatory journey, and celebration follow one another in a mystical and colorful universe.

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Biography L’Albatrice has been working for ten years in the French artistic field of creative sexualities. Co-founder of Erosticratie, organizing association of the Erosphere (first sex-positive event in France) and creator of SubSpaces (live acting role play BDSM), she collaborates with many artists (Gilles Berquet, DOA, Joel Person , Hélène Gugenheim, Anissa Bonnefont, Fabien Velhmann…) as a model, technical advisor, actress or performer. SubSpace Sanctuaire is her first short film