The Rocker and the Puca

The Rocker and the Puca

Category: Animation

A Teenage busker Jack is driving the locals mad because he plays only one tune. So, when a shape-shifting trickster known as ‘Puca’ appears and promises Jack a cap full of coins in exchange for playing a single gig, Jack can’t say no.

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About the director

Trevor Courtney

Biography Trevor Courtney is a Dublin-born filmmaker. After completing an MA in Animation at the ECA in 2008, he completed his 2nd short film 'King Pawn' which was screened at festivals internationally and picked up the 'Dom Kino award in Russia for the best cinematic film. Following this, Trevor set up 'Igloo Animations', a production company based in Dublin, where he still remains Igloo's chief Director and Producer. Igloo Animations produces TV shows, Short Films, Commercials, and Animated.