They breathe

They breathe

Category: Short Fiction Drama

Mr. Mothball and his unwanted bodyguard 6 PM have taken temporary shelter in a safe house on the second floor of an apartment building in a rundown section of town. They’re waiting for Sweetie to show up. Pinter meets Pirandello in this eerie tale of an old man’s frustration and a trio of lowlifes who rise up in homicidal rebellion.

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About the director

John Fuentes

Biography Born and raised in New York City, John Fuentes transitioned into film after a career of playing professional American Football in the Euro-federation leagues. As a seasoned professional award-winning Director and Editor with ten years in the field, John has had the opportunity to study and work in fast-paced film productions, studios and film schools within the United States and Europe. In his domestic and international film experiences, he has gained the unique knowledge and ability to blend the different aspects, demands, cultures and goals in film production. From conceptualization to final cut, he dedicates himself to creating the best cinematic story. He’s made a number of short films (both fictional and documentary) and music videos that have been selected for multiple international festivals.