To Nowhere - Ila Haythou

To Nowhere - Ila Haythou

Category: Short Fiction Erotic

Bringing into being another planet formed by astonishing landscapes, mysterious caves, and high mountains to get carried away to a world of the virgin territory of pure skin.

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About the director

Pamela Nassour

Biography Pamela Nassour is an award-winning Lebanese filmmaker, film critic, and educator. Her experimental short film Ila Haythou - To Nowhere received accolades and prizes at international festivals. Pamela graduated from the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik USEK with a master's in Visual Arts - Film and Television and she is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Contemporary Latin American Cinema at Saint Joseph University in Beirut and The University of Granada. Pamela is also an educator and lecturer at The Lebanese International University and The American University of Technology. Her filmography includes three short films and she is currently working on the fourth. Pamela recently accepted the invitation to join the New York-based FFTG Awards 2021 to be part of the official selection committee, the same goes for The Arab Short Film Festival and she is currently the artistic director of the Lebanese Independent Film Festival.