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A Celtic fairy tale in stop-motion animation filled with adventure and magic. A story about tribal war and finding peace: An arrow from a rival tribe pierces the chieftain’s heart. With his dying breath, he gives his daughter the quest to end this senseless feud.

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About the director

Jessica Raes

Biography Jessica Raes (1989) is a stop-motion filmmaker, illustrator, and author of more than 15 children’s books. She directed the short film “Lost in Loneliness” which won the prize for best short film at the Ostend Film Festival and was nominated for Film Fest Ghent and Leuven International Short Film Festival. 
Recently she finished her Celtic short film Triskelion that, after seven years of detailed handwork, was nominated for the Brussels International Fantastic Filmfestival. Jessica obtained her master’s degree in the Audiovisual Arts and in Illustration from the Luca School of Arts in Belgium. Being bullied in her childhood left deep scars on Jessica. But it was because of that, that she discovered her own inner world and the strength that hides within. Jessica has a quirky view of the world, full of wonder and amazement. She sees colorfulness, beauty, and light in everything, even in what’s old, forgotten, or misunderstood. She expresses this in the creation of atmosphere and colors in her stories, illustrations, and films. Her greatest talent is to bring a fantasy world to life.